Delta Will Fly Medical Volunteers For Free

Delta Air Lines is offering flights to qualified medical volunteers to Georgia, Louisiana, and Michigan. The carrier will offer free roundtrip travel to medical professionals who intend to volunteer in some of the hardest-hit areas starting from early April.

Delta A220
Delta Air Lines will offer free flights for qualified medical volunteers. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Free flights for medical volunteers

Delta has announced that in conjunction with state and local authorities, it will offer free flights to get medical professionals to some of the hardest-hit areas. This includes the states of Georgia, Louisiana, and Michigan. Moreover, Delta is examining the possibility of expanding destinations to include California, New York, and Washington.

Delta free flights
The initial program covers Georgia, Louisiana, and Michigan. Photo: Delta Air Lines

For those interested in joining the program, the application and eligibility varies by each state’s need. The states will communicate with the applicants and accept the help they need. Then, in conjunction with state and local authorities, Delta will work to make flight reservations. These free flights will be offered starting from April. Participants can book travel up to three days before flying.

For those who are interested and qualify, these are the contacts for each state:

  • Georgia: Reach out to
  • Louisiana: Contact the Louisiana Hospital Association at
  • Michigan: Visit for information

Delta continues to invest in communities

Georgia and Michigan (in addition to potential future locations in California, New York, and Washington) are major operations centers for the airline. For one, Delta is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and operates a significant hub in Detroit, Michigan. Meanwhile, in California, Delta has a hub in Los Angeles, a hub in New York City, New York.  Delta is continuing to build up one of its newest hubs in Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately, however, all of these destinations have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining cargo links and repatriating citizens is also on Delta’s agenda to assist. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Other efforts

In addition to bringing volunteers to the front lines, Delta is also working to bring cargo to and from the United States. This initiative includes sending out aircraft for cargo runs currently out of passenger service amid flight schedule cuts. In addition, Delta is working with the U.S. State Department and other governmental agencies to help repatriate citizens.

Many airlines are taking the aforementioned steps. Airlines can offer some crucial economic links and transport medical supplies to hard-hit areas around the world. In addition to all of this, Delta is ensuring the safety of its customers on board through an enhanced cleaning protocol that also involves aircraft fogging.

Delta aircraft fogging
Delta is also fogging aircraft to reduce the spread of this virus onboard. Photo: Delta Air Lines


While leisure travelers should stay home, airlines are crucial to the deployment of key medical personnel as needed around the country. Now, Delta is taking things further by offering free flights for volunteers to hard-hit areas in Georgia, Louisiana, and Michigan starting in April. And, the airline is also looking at expanding this program to cover additional locations.

Will you take Delta up on this offer to volunteer? Let us know in the comments!