Delta Tests Gate Safety Barriers In Atlanta

Delta Air Lines is continuing to adjust and improve its operations to combat COVID-19 and the spread of the virus. Plexiglass has become ‘the new gold’ amid this pandemic, as businesses everywhere put up clear barriers to allow for safe interaction between customers and employees. Announced in a Tuesday press release, Delta Air Lines, is installing custom plexiglass at various locations throughout its airports. Here’s what you can expect…

Delta is putting up clear barriers to limit viral transmission. Photo: Getty Images

An added layer of safety

Delta Air Lines subsidiary ‘Delta Flight Products’ was tasked by the carrier to design and manufacture a ‘custom plexiglass safety barrier’ suitable for airport check-in lobbies, departure gates, and at Delta Sky Club counters.

Working with Delta’s Airport Customer Service teams, Delta Flight Products designed and tested their new creations at the airline’s main hub in Atlanta. Now, up to 150 barriers a day are being manufactured.

“This is yet another testament to Delta’s nimbleness, ingenuity and our relentless commitment to keeping our people and our customers safe in our airports as we all manage the impact of the ongoing pandemic…We appreciate the agility of our Delta Flight Products colleagues to so quickly and expertly produce these safety barriers, which will add another level of safety as our customers check-in, visit a Delta Sky Club and board their flight.” -Eric Phillips, Senior Vice President – Airport Customer Service and Cargo, Delta Air Lines

Coming to a Delta airport new you

The airline says that the full outfitting of the safety barriers at all check-in lobbies and departure gates is expected at its U.S. hub airports by June 1. In the weeks following, other U.S. locations will get the new equipment as well.

For Delta Sky Clubs, installations are expected to finish this summer. Further afield, Delta is planning to install the barriers at airports outside the U.S. in the weeks ahead as well.

Delta Tests Gate Safety Barriers In Atlanta
Serving 227 domestic destinations and 86 international destinations in 54 countries, Delta Air Lines has a lot of safety barriers to distribute and install. Photo: Getty Images

Delta Flight Products has created more than just safety barriers. In fact, the Delta branch had already quickly shifted its industrial manufacturing capabilities to create face shields for medical professionals. It also worked with Delta TechOps to produce a military transport pod for the U.S. Air Force.

Delta’s other health and safety measures

Delta has rolled out other cleaning procedures to boost its health and safety precautions. It already requires customers and employees to wear face coverings throughout their journey. Here are a few more efforts of the airline’s “new standard of clean”:

  • Expanding electrostatic sanitizing spraying to all aircraft.
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas as part of pre-flight cleaning.
  • Practicing social distancing by blocking middle seats and reducing the number of customers on each flight.
  • Boarding back-to-front to reduce the instances of customers needing to pass by one another to reach their seats.
  • Providing supplies directly to customers when available, including hand sanitizers, amenity kits , and other protective equipment.

In addition to all of the above, Delta says that it is connecting with health experts and healthcare industry leaders on best practices.

delta safety barrier
A look at Delta’s new safety barrier, created by Delta Flight Products. Photo: Delta Air Lines


Delta isn’t the first to install barriers of this kind to protect its employees and customers. However, it most certainly won’t be the last. It’s these sorts of items that are likely to become commonplace in our everyday lives – not just at airports, but at cafés, supermarkets, and many other point-of-sale locations.

Do you feel safer with these barriers installed? Let us know in the comments.