Delta Looks To Upgrade Ground Air Filtration Systems

Delta Air Lines yesterday shared how it is testing and improving air quality for its passengers. The Atlanta-based carrier is replacing the current filtering systems that pump air into jetbridges and parked planes. They will be overhauled with LEED Platinum MERV14 filters, which will give a 40% reduction in air particles.

Delta planes getty
Delta is ensuring customers will have cleaner air during processes such as boarding. Photo: Getty Images

A significant task

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, by the middle of this month, the carrier will replace these systems. As a result, there will be cleaner air in the spaces that customers pass through during boarding and disembarking.

Altogether, over 600 gates at 31 airports where the airline operates will undergo this transformation. Moreover, the carrier is looking to expand to more hubs in the coming months. Ultimately, Delta wants its passengers to breathe easier both on and off the plane with these sustainable, modern filters.

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Delta Airlines Highlights Its Covid Safety Measures At National Airport
There are extra efforts to make sure passengers and employees are safe when traveling. Photo: Getty Images

Part of a broader strategy

Delta chief customer experience officer Bill Lentsch spoke of his airline’s determination to ensure that there are high standards of safety across the company. He said that these measures form part of a wider cleanliness initiative.

“Our always-on, relentless push to ensure employees and customers remain safe and confident is why we developed the Delta CareStandard in the first place, and it’s why we are working to better understand the travel environment and confirm that what we are doing is working,” Lentsch said, as per the press release.

“Our Global Cleanliness team will continue to collect, analyze and act on scientific and customer sentiment data to help us implement effective measures throughout the journey.”

Delta Spraying
Delta has been taking cleanliness seriously throughout the company, with several measures in place across its operations. Photo: Delta Air Lines

With these goals, Delta is replacing HEPA filters in the aircraft twice as often than what is recommended. These systems are more crucial than ever amid the concerns surrounding the global health crisis. They can filter 99.97% of airborne microbes. There is also renewed air every two to six minutes.

A priority for the company

Ultimately, Delta says that keeping the air that its passengers and staff members breathe clean and safe air on their services is one of the foundational layers of protection that it aims to provide. Therefore, it is working with health industry leaders to measure and validate the effectiveness of the safety measures that are taken on.

The airline is making good ground on its targets as studies show that the air during a flight is much cleaner than the air sampled in other indoor locations. For instance, it is more hygienic than homes, general stores, and restaurants.

Altogether, Delta has not slowed down when it comes to safety initiatives in the current climate. From the beginning, it has been proactive when it comes to enhancing cleaning procedures. Additionally, it has shown a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to the wearing of face masks, with hundreds of fliers banned for refusing to wear a covering.

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