Passengers Will Soon Be Able To Request Hygiene Packs From Delta

Delta Air Lines is rolling out complimentary hygiene packs for passengers. By June 5th, gates and ticket counters will be stocked with the kits. Each kit will contain a face mask and hand sanitizing wipes. They will be available on request.

Delta 737
Passengers will be able to request complimentary hygiene packs. Photo: Getty Images

Providing masks and sanitizer for passengers

Earlier this month, Delta started requiring face coverings for passengers. Alongside that, the airline started blocking middle seats to give passengers more space. However, Delta did not go as far as providing masks for passengers. This new move will make sure that passengers will have access to masks.

These kits will join another premade goody bag for passengers. The goody bag includes snacks depending on availability, a water bottle, sanitizing wipe, and a cocktail napkin.

Delta complimentary hygiene pack
The complimentary hygiene pack from Delta. Photo: Delta Air Lines

This new hygiene pack will include a disposable face mask, sanitizer gel pouches, and an information card on Delta’s new cleanliness practices and procedures. Speaking on the new change, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Bill Lentsch, said the following:

“Our survey data showed a clear desire for these kits and we have a bias toward action when we see new trends emerge. As more people begin to consider traveling in the months ahead, ensuring their safety at all steps of their journey remains our top priority.”

In recent days, Delta had surveyed its customers. This frequent flier was also a part of that online survey. In it, Delta had asked its customers about what measures would weigh on their decision to travel and what actions they would like the airline to take. It appears that most customers agreed that providing hygiene packs would be a positive addition to the travel experience.

The kits will be available at gates and ticket counters. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Other airlines are also providing masks

While Delta is one of the most innovative airlines in the United States, in this matter the airline lagged behind its competitors. Both United Airlines and American Airlines already started offering masks to customers free of charge.

American Airlines Delta
Delta joins American in offering free face masks. Photo: Getty Images

On all three airlines, masks are now mandatory. However, there are variations in terms of how the policy is enforced. Nevertheless, if your airline requires you to wear a mask, it is best to don one. Face masks are effective in limiting the spread of the virus via airborne droplets. Even TSA screeners are required to wear masks. This is in line with best practices put out by the Centers for Disease Control.

Face masks and the airline industry

With new terms like social distancing entering the everyday vernacular, airlines are working hard to get through this crisis and reassure passengers that it is safe to fly. While some, including Delta, are blocking middle seats or limiting capacity, the practice is not sustainable in the long-run.

Getty passenger mask
Face masks are becoming the new norm. Photo: Getty Images

Several airlines and the IATA have embraced face masks instead of social distancing. Fewer seats mean less capacity. Therefore, airlines would have to increase fares in order to turn a profit. This would be a detriment to passengers.

For the next few months, expect face masks to be the norm on more and more flights. Some cabin crew will even have to wear full personal protective equipment.

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