Only Airbus Orders Are Left For Delta Air Lines Now


Delta Air Lines has reached a new milestone. The last Boeing 737-900ER Delta had on order has been delivered. For the foreseeable future, every aircraft on order is an Airbus aircraft. This is a huge development since Delta used to be a major Boeing customer. However, it is likely that Delta will take delivery of new Boeing aircraft in the next decade.

Delta 737-900er
Delta has taken delivery of its last 737-900ER on order. Photo: Delta

Boeing 737-900ERs

Delta ordered 737-900ERs as part of a fleet renewal plan. These aircraft were to replace aging members of the fleet, including some MD-80/90s, as well as to add capacity on several routes. As modern aircraft, these planes were popular with passengers. Every seat has access to seatback entertainment as well as power.

Delta power
Every seat on Delta’s 737-900ERs has power access. Photo: Delta

Onboard, Delta has 20 seats in First Class, 21 Delta Comfort+, and 139 seats in economy class. This is a grand total of 180 seats.


Delta and Airbus

After merging with Northwest Airlines, Delta soon began to take interest in Airbus aircraft. This included ordering the A330-900neo and A350-900 while canceling an order for 787s inherited through the merger. In a big blow to Boeing, Delta chose to go with additional A321neos over the 737 MAXa decision that is now working well for them.

Delta A321
Delta has taken a fancy to A321 aircraft since merging with Northwest. Photo: Delta

Recently, Delta has also fallen in love with the A220. The A220 is the newest narrowbody aircraft in Delta’s fleet. Delta is using the A220s to improve their offerings on several routes currently served by Delta Connection. Boeing took issue with this order when the aircraft was known as the Bombardier CSeries, however, Delta won the day and has even expanded their A220 order.

50 years of Airbus - a reflection
Delta has a large A220 order book. Photo: Delta News Hub via Flickr

Boeing has tried to make the 737 MAX appealing to Delta. Unfortunately for Boeing, Delta never had an interest in ordering the 737 MAX. Thus, the 737-900ER will be the last new Boeing delivery, for now.


The last Boeing delivery

Airways Magazine reports that Delta has taken delivery of their last 737-900ER on order. From this point on, Delta only has Airbus aircraft on order.

This is likely going to be Delta’s last new delivery from Boeing for several years. From the mid-2020s, should the timeline work for Boeing, Delta will likely be one of the first airlines to take the new 797. Unsurprisingly, Delta has taken a huge interest in the 797 as a 757 and 767 replacement. Should Boeing launch the aircraft, Delta will be highly likely to order it, with entry into service in the mid-2020s.

For now, this represents an end to an era. Delta previously preferred Boeing for aircraft orders. Now, it looks like Airbus is getting a load of love from Delta.

What do you make of this last Boeing delivery? Should Delta order more Airbus or Boeing aircraft? Let us know in the comments!


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Richard Johnson Jr

I have flown Delta’s 737-900 many times out of Atlanta it is a good short haul plane. As of right now Delta has 261 more airbus orders the a220,321,321neo,330neo, and the 350-900. I think Delta would order over 100 797’s if boeing launches this plane by the mid 2020’s and maybe a slim chance of the new 777’s or 787-10’s to replace the 777-200’s that are starting to age. Starting in October Delta will replace the 757-200 to the 767-300er on the Atlanta to Bogota route good news for me.

John West

It seems there is a mistake where it says “in a big b**w to Airbus”. Considering they purchased A321neos and not 737 MAXes, it appears to be a big b**w to Boeing!


It’s too bad that they even made this order. I fly these 900ERs pretty regularly and would have been way happier if they were A320s. The narrow fuselage with it’s extreme curve limits comfort way too much. Hopefully the 737’s future successor is way more comfortable.


If they would still wish to continue with their ultra longhaul routes eg JNB..They will go back for the 777-8..


Well, there are carriers in Europe that are heavily pro-Boeing (e.g. KLM), so why not have a US carrier that is heavily pro-Airbus? In a way, American Airlines is somewhat similar with its HUGE A321 fleet…although they made the mistake of also ordering MAXs.
What I find fascinating here is that Delta apparently have no problem with the risk of becoming “captive” to Airbus, whereas Mr. Walsh (IAG) apparently IS afraid of becoming such a captive.
Please correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember that Delta’s flirt with Airbus began when the old Delta acquired Northwest airlines, who used some A330s at the time. I’ve also read that, in the past, Delta often had a stormy relationship with Boeing: for example, the old Delta never ordered the 747 (they did, however, later acquire some 747s via Northwest).


“Delta has taken a fancy to A321 aircraft since merging with Airbus.” I think you mean Northwest.


Considering how much Big Bully Boeing has been a huge pain in the rear for both Delta and Bombardier over the C-series resulting in years of delay for getting the aircraft, and in the end, with Bombardier all but gifting the series to Airbus and rebranding the series as A220. If I were Delta, I’d stay cozy with Airbus just to stick it to Boeing. Delta passing on MAX has already proven to be wise.

FF Flyer John

The 737-900 is the most uncomfortable airplane ever, I only fly first class and avoid this plane like the plague. Delta has terrible leadership and is only interested and how many bodies they can put in a tin can, shame on Delta.

Christopher Bryant

Personality I wish Airbus would make a longer version of their A220-300 for long haul flights. Its a beautifully designed plane, state of the art


Delta will probably go with a rewinged A321/A322 because it will be ready by the mid 2020s, and will be compatible with existing A320s for pilots. Boeing will be lucky to deliver a 797 in quantity by 2030 given their recent track record, if a 797 is even launched. An A220-500 will be an incredible replacement for the last MD80s and A320CEOs, both in efficiency and passenger comfort. Delta can sit back and watch American and especially Southwest suffer with all the disadvantages of the 737 MAX.