Delta Air Lines To Launch LATAM Codeshare Agreement

Delta Air Lines has announced initial details of the codeshare agreement which it will put into place with South America’s LATAM. In September, the two airlines announced a huge agreement which would see Delta acquire 20% of LATAM.

Delta Air Lines, LATAM, Codeshare
Delta has announced its new codeshare with LATAM. Photo: Airbus

In September, Delta Air Lines announced that it would acquire 20% of LATAM subject, of course, to regulatory approval. The announcement had several consequences for the two airlines and their partners.

In particular, this will see LATAM cancel its membership of the oneworld alliance while also ending its codeshare agreements with American Airlines. New codeshare agreements with North America, however, are already in the works with Delta Air Lines.

What do we know?

Delta Air Lines today revealed details of the new codeshare agreement that it is drawing up with its new partner LATAM. The American carrier hopes to launch the codeshare agreement in the first quarter of 2020. However, like the whole Delta-LATAM deal, the codeshare will also be subject to approval.

Through the codeshare, the airlines wish to give LATAM customers access to more destinations in the US, and Delta passengers more destinations in South America. In total, Delta estimates that it will provide 74 new destinations in the United States for LATAM passengers. Meanwhile, LATAM will reciprocate with 51 South American destinations for Delta Air Lines passengers.

Delta Air Lines, LATAM, Codeshare
LATAM will connect Delta passengers to 51 more South American destinations. Photo: Sky KoreSCL via Wikimedia

As part of the ongoing deal between Delta and LATAM, the US airline wishes to further improve ties. This, it says, will allow it to further enhance the codeshare agreement. However, the two airlines are also working to introduce reciprocity to both lounge access and frequent flyer programs.

Important milestone

Commenting on the codeshare agreement Steve Sear, Delta President of International and Executive Vice President of Global Sales, said that the agreement marks an important milestone. He commented:

“This is an important milestone for customers as we begin to deliver on the transformative partnership between Delta and LATAM announced earlier this year. Once fully realized, this partnership will give us the ability to offer our shared customers an industry-leading network and superior service across the Americas.”

Delta Air Lines, LATAM, Codeshare
LATAM is in the process of ending codeshare flights with American Airlines. Photo: Boeing

As part of the overall agreement, LATAM is cutting a number of other ties. This sees the airline ending its codeshare with American Airlines, one of Delta’s key competitors. However, LATAM will also be leaving the oneworld alliance.

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CORRECTION: Simple Flying had incorrectly stated that passengers would lose reciprocal benefits with oneworld partners. This is not the case, with LATAM pointing out: “Following LATAM’s departure from oneworld, it will maintain its bilateral agreements with the majority of the alliance members.”