Delta Launches IFE Channels Dedicated To Gender Diversity

Delta Air Lines holds more seat-back IFE screens than any other airline in the world. To ensure that the content viewed on these monitors is diverse, the airline has partnered with gender parity institution ReFrame to introduce new channels in February.

Delta Air Lines A220
Delta is looking to provide more gender-balanced content on its flights. Photo: Delta News Hub via Flickr

Pioneering project

According to a press release, Delta seeks to implement diversity while creating equity and increasing representation of its operations. Therefore, it will become the first carrier to hold two channels on its inflight entertainment dedicated to showing gender-balanced films.

Moreover, these channels will receive the ReFrame Stamp standard, which marks that the programming features gender-balanced content.

Ultimately, the films must include female-identifying people in four of eight key areas of their production to qualify for this stamp. The roles include writers, directors, producers, leads, co-leads, speaking parts, department heads, and crew.

Delta Air Lines IFE
Delta will also introduce new features such as “binge mode” to its IFE this year. Photo: Delta News Hub via Flickr

A valued introduction

ReFrame co-founders Keri Putnam and Cathy Schulman spoke of their excitement regarding the new project. Altogether, they feel that through the artistic content available, they will be able to create a better-connected environment.

“We are thrilled to partner with Delta to celebrate gender-balanced films and television shows,” the pair shared, as per a release.

“We believe that diverse, impactful stories from artists around the world help us connect to new perspectives and drive meaningful dialogue – bringing all of us closer together.”

The new channels will make their debuts next month. However, as new releases get approved by ReFrame throughout the year, Delta will continue to build on its collection.

Currently, the channels are split between movie and TV show content. For February’s schedule, there are 29 movies available to watch on the dedicated movie channel.

Some key titles include Booksmart, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Ocean’s 8. Meanwhile, the dedicated show channel holds 10 programs, including popular shows such as Empire, Killing Eve, and Supergirl.

Delta CES IFE 2020
Delta presented its new IFE features at CES 2020. Photo: Delta News Hub via Flickr

Progress made

Additionally, Delta will make a $100,000 contribution to ReFrame to help support its cause. This is on the back of the carrier’s annual $125,000 donation to Women in Film to help the organization reach its goals.

Recently, there were concerns over censorship of certain scenes in Delta’s programming. One of the movies that had a scene omitted was Booksmart. Here, a lesbian love scene had been edited out. However, Delta has since given a guarantee that these scenes will not be omitted again. With initiatives such as these new channels, it seems to be making good on its word.

Delta also spoke of this move at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The operator has been busy working on a range of new technology-focused projects such as its new IFE features.

The firm isn’t the only airline that has been sharing new tech initiatives at the show. American Airlines spoke of its new partnership with Google to introduce the tech giant’s interpreter mode to airport lounges. 

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