The Lowdown on Delta Medallion Choice Benefits for 2019


SkyMiles members get to enjoy Choice Benefits. These are little select bonus gifts that you receive once you reach a Medallion qualifying threshold. The gifts really range in value and usefulness, but they’re definitely a cushy perk and, better yet, you get to choose your gift out of a lineup of possibilities. However, to make the most of Choice Benefits, you’ll want to make your choice very wisely.

  • Platinum Medallion members receive one Choice Benefit gift per year when they reach 2019 Medallion status.
  • Diamond Medallion members receive three Choice Benefit gifts per year when they reach 2019 Medallion status.

So, what do you have to choose from?

Platinum Medallion Choice Benefits

  • Regional Upgrade Certificates

One option is a set of four one-way regional upgrade certificates. They can be used to upgrade to domestic first class or Delta One. They’re good for most Main Cabin paid fares, but not award tickets or basic economy. You can use them one year from the date you claim them as a Delta Medallion Choice Benefit. Since one-way upgrades can cost around $1,000, it’s not a bad deal at all.

  • Global Entry Voucher
Global Entry Expedited Security Program

Now this is a bad deal. Your Global Entry application is only $100. You don’t need a voucher. You probably already have one with your credit card anyway. Don’t waste your Medallion Choice Benefit on this.

  • 20,000 Bonus Miles

Another option is to claim 20,000 bonus miles or gift or donate them. While this is a good option, the value really depends on how you use your miles. Are you going to work your way into a better award flight with an airline partner? Do you have the time and patience to hunt down the best deal? If so, you could really benefit from this option. If not, you should probably still go with the upgrade certificates.

  • $200 Travel Voucher

This doesn’t offer much more value than the Global Entry voucher.

  • $200 Tiffany & Co. Gift Card

If that’s your thing, maybe you want this, but it’s not the top value option and, again, you’re going to do best by just taking the upgrade certificates.

  • Silver Medallion Status Gift

Now this is a great gift, if you want to use your Choice Benefit for someone else’s benefit. Whoever gets this will love you for life, BUT, the key is all in the timing. You wouldn’t want to gift it at the end of the year, but instead at the beginning of the year, as the gifted status is only good through the end of the Choice Benefit year.

Diamond Medallion Choice Benefits

Diamond Medallion members receive some of the above, but also a whole host of new Choice Benefits.

  • Delta Sky Club Membership with Guest Option
Interior photos of the Terminal B Delta Air Lines Sky Club at Hartsfield Jackson International airport on Thursday, September 22, 2016. © 2016, Chris Rank, Rank Studios

You can receive a Sky Club Membership, Sky Club Executive Membership or Sky Club Guest Pass. (Note that the Executive Membership technically will cost you two of your Choice Benefits, leaving you with only one left for the year.)

  • Upgrade Certificates

You can get the four global upgrade certificates, eight regional upgrade certificates OR two global upgrade certificates and four regional upgrade certificates. You can only choose one of these, and cannot use all three of your Choice Benefits to take all three options.

Are Delta One upgrades worth your Choice Benefits?

These international upgrades are worth a pretty penny and do note that you can use them on partner flights with specific partners, possibly even making them worth more.

  • Two Global Entry Vouchers

It’s like the same perk above, just two of them. Lame offer. Pass.

  • 25,000 Bonus Miles

Again, this all depends on how you use them. With this offer, you can use all three of your Choice Benefits opportunities, for 3x the bonus miles, or 75,000 bonus miles.

  • Gold Medallion Status Gift

Diamond members can Also receive CLEAR membership as a choice benefit

Delta Diamond Members Can Receive complimentary CLEAR membership

Just like the above perk, only Gold Medallion status instead of Silver Medallion status, for your favorite person.

Final thoughts

If you want to start earning miles and increasing your loyalty to Delta SkyMiles, you’ll want to start by signing up for a Delta credit card and then working the system. There are plenty of ways you can make your Delta SkyMiles work for you, whether you fly with Delta or if you fly with one of the many partner airlines.