Delta Receives 1st Airbus A220

The first new Bombardier A220-100 jet under the Airbus label has been delivered to Delta, in a glamorous press conference.

Quick readers will remember that Bombardier jets, specifically the C-Series are now being included in Airbus’ catalog.

Delta Receives 1st Airbus A220
The delivery press conference in Quebec. The jet is small enough to fit in the building! (Yes, joke intended)

The brand new Airbus A220-100 (Previously known as a Bombardier C Series CS100) was delivered to Delta in Quebec. It is painted in Delta’s new livery for the A220 sized plane.

The CEO of Delta Airlines (Ed Bastian) was present at the event and gave quite the speech, praising the hard work done by the Bombardier engineers.

We have big plans for our A220 fleet and are confident that Delta customers and Delta people alike will be delighted with the in-flight experience provided by this thoroughly modern and efficient aircraft. We value our longstanding partnerships with Airbus and Bombardier and are grateful for the great design and manufacturing work done by the team here in Mirabel – Ed Bastian, Delta CEO

The CEO of Delta welcomes the new craft to the Delta Fleet.

What is the new Delta Airbus A220-100 like?

The new plane is rather smaller than most jets on the market, but it does mean that Airbus (And the partner Delta) can now effectively move into those routes long dominated by Embraer and other Boeing Jets.

The A220 is the rival of the Brazilian made Embraer E190. Embraer jets are now sold on the world stage under Boeing, Airbus’ rival on the international landscape.


The A220 will be able to fly a range of around 3,100 nmi / 5,741 km

We can’t confirm at this time how many passengers the Delta jet will take, but below are some possible variations that the A220/C-100 can come with.


With Delta ordering 75 of the new Airbus A220, and another 300 or so jets on the way (JetBlue made a big order too!), this C-100/A220 program is seeing new life under Airbus.

This is big news for Boeing, who originally blocked the sale of these jets in the United States…

What is the history with Boeing and Bombardier?

It is this very deal that resulted in Airbus having a presence in Boeing backyard. Essentially Bombardier wanted to conduct business with US airlines, but Boeing used its political capital to block the sale.

Airbus A220
The interior economy section of the Airbus A220

Bombardier did not have the capital to combat Boeing’s lawyers and thus turned to help from Airbus (And a capital fund group in Quebec). By agreeing to a partnership split that involved releasing 51% ownership of their program, they got the court case thrown out and now the sale can proceed.

Boeing is now hard at work at opening a factory near Airbus, to try and infiltrate their home market.

But with the C-100/A220 program being a success, the sky is the limit to how far this snappy little jet can go. Perhaps even a further stretch?

Delta Receives 1st Airbus A220

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