Delta Is The #1 American Red Cross Corporate Blood Donor

For the third year in a row, Delta Air Lines is the top corporate blood donor to the American Red Cross. The carrier’s staff members, retirees, and passengers donated 10,338 lifesaving pints of blood during the 2020 fiscal year, which ended on June 30th.

Delta Aircraft
Delta is leading by example when it comes to its blood donation work with the American Red Cross. Photo: Delta Air Lines

A joint effort

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, Delta hosted 208 blood drives across 50 locations. Six of these locations were added this year. Ultimately, the coronavirus pandemic has further heightened the necessity for blood donations. Undoubtedly, these initiatives are crucial in helping hospital patients in the current climate.

As per the press release, Delta’s managing director of community engagement, Tad Hutcheson, said the following about the progress made:

“What better way to give of yourself, especially when the need is so great, than to give the gift of life by donating blood. Thank you to all the Delta people who make a difference and roll up their sleeves to give blood to help save lives all year long, and a special thank you to our blood drive coordinators for their commitment to making every drive count,”

Delta planes
The additional efforts will help those in need during this extra tough period. Photo: Getty Images

Extra urgency

American Red Cross Biomedical Services president Chris Hrouda shared that his organization is grateful to Delta and its people for the continued dedication and commitment to patients across the country in need of lifesaving blood transfusion. Additionally, unlike other medical treatments, blood can’t be stockpiled, and generous blood donors are the only source for those in need.

The global health crisis has forced many blood donor sessions to be canceled. Moreover, several treatment programs had to be paused due to the change in conditions across the globe. So, the need for blood is even more significant than ever.

Delta Red Cross
Delta is proud of the work that its customers, current staff, and former employees have been doing. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Helping across the board

In addition to blood donations, the airline is an Annual Disaster Giving Program donor at the $1 million level. This support allows the American Red Cross to be strategic and proactive in disaster response.

Moreover, Delta also showed considerable support to the institution during the Australian Bushfire disaster at the turn of the year. Altogether, the partnership between the carrier and the charity goes as far back as the Second World War.

Above all, it is great to see that Delta recognizes its role as a leading company in the United States to contribute positively to the public. All the efforts from those involved will go a long way as the country, and the world continues to get to grips with the challenges that have arisen this year.

What are your thoughts about Delta Air Lines’ contributions to the American Red Cross? Are you impressed by the actions taken? Let us know what you think of the initiatives in the comment section.