Where Are Delta’s Refurbished Boeing 767s Flying?

Earlier this year, Delta Air Lines announced that it will be refurbishing its fleet of Boeing 767-400s. The airliners were due to be rolled out in November but there was an early debut in the summer.

Boeing 767-432
Delta’s Boeing 767-400s are ready to be formally reintroduced with their new interiors next month. Photo: spotterjohnsen via Wikimedia Commons

The refurbished 767 filled in for a New York to Los Angeles flight in July, using it as an opportunity to test the waters. The retrofitted planes feature Delta’s most up to date interior. The planes are between 16 and 19 years old and will make their formal refurbished introduction next month.

Confirmed routes with takeoff dates

The Points Guy reports that the first service using one of these 767-400s will be on November 12th, 2019. The 767-400 will leave Atlanta airport for London Heathrow under flight DL30. This flight will include 34 Delta One seats in business class, along with 20 new Premium Select seats.

DL30. Image: Delta

Helpfully, Delta has marked these flights as having ‘new interiors’ when booking through its own website. To book a flight on this inaugural 12th November service, you’ll be looking to pay between $100 and $600 more than on one of its other nonstop services.

Where Are Delta’s Refurbished Boeing 767s Flying?
The refurbished Boeing 767-400s will hold Delta One lie-flat seats in business class. Photo: Delta

New York JFK to Heathrow then follows on November 16, before Boston leaves for the London airport on November 20.

In the following month, the refurbished 767’s will depart JFK for Zurich on December 8, and the first flight in the new year will be from Atlanta to Heathrow on January 2. This will be followed by another flight to London’s largest airport from JFK on January 10.

DL84. Photo: Delta

These flights will be followed by Atlanta to Paris CDG on January 12 and JFK to Brussels on January 30. Following this, there will be a service from Atlanta to Brussels on February 22, which follows JFK to São Paulo on March 2. As these flights are further into the future, right now there is no price difference between picking the refurbished 767 against a standard Delta A330 or a flight offered by one of its partner airlines.

The Points Guy reports that Delta also confirmed two extra dates for the phase-in of the 767-400s. Flight DL412 will leave JFK for Nice on April 10 before DL101 departs Atlanta for Buenos Aires on April 15.

Confirmed routes without set dates

There are five other confirmed routes for these refurbishments. However, these services currently don’t have dates set for their departures. These are:

  • Atlanta to Munich
  • Detroit to Heathrow
  • Minneapolis to Heathrow
  • Portland to Heathrow
  • New York JFK to São Paulo
Delta Premium Select cabin
There will be an additional Premium Select seats in the revamped 767-400s, Photo: Delta

Delta’s incredible global growth

The South American hubs of Buenos Aires and São Paulo feature prominently in the plans for these refurbishments. This coincides with Delta’s huge expansion into Latin America.

The airline purchased a 20% stake in LATAM, prompting American Airlines to expand in the region also. As part of the deal, Delta acquired 14 Airbus A350s from the Chilean group. The investment is reported to be worth $1.9 billion, affirming Delta’s intent on expanding across continents.

The Boeing 767 refurbishment also follows the launch of the Delta One suite and Delta Premium Select on its Airbus A330-900neo, Airbus A350-900, and Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

Delta One Suite
The A350 Delta One Suite. Photo: Delta

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on the refurbishments but had not heard back prior to publication. We will update you on any further announcements.

What do you think of Delta’s expansion plans?