Delta Announces Further Destinations Including Shanghai Plans

Following a significant drop in passenger services in the last few months, Delta Air Lines will resume operations to several key destinations in June. The Atlanta-based carrier is adding approximately 100 more daily flights across the continents. Furthermore, there are plans to restart trips to China.

Delta getty
Delta is ready to get more of its planes in the air next month. Photo: Getty Images

Industry improvements

Even though the schedule for next month is much quieter in comparison to last summer’s activity, the airline’s passengers will see the return of various major routes. Several domestic and international services will resume.

Operations have been suffering due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Passenger demand had started to dwindle before global travel restrictions rocked the aviation industry. However, according to a statement on what flights are being planned, the airline has been closely monitoring the situation and is ready to deploy more aircraft.

“Delta’s summer schedule continues to be shaped by customer demand, CDC guidelines and government travel regulations,” Delta said on its website.

“While the June schedule is significantly reduced in comparison to last year, customers will see the return of several major routes, both U.S. domestic and international, which were previously suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to Reuters, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 250,467 fliers last Friday. This figure is the highest on record since March 24th. On this date, around 250,000 passengers underwent screening at airports. However, the number is minuscule in comparison with 2.66 million travelers on the same day last year. However, it contrasts with the mid-April low of 87,534 passengers.

Delta Air Lines grounded planes
Most of Delta’s aircraft remain on the ground amid all the travel restrictions across the globe. Photo: Getty Images

Which flights are resuming?

Many of the routes that are restarting are key Caribbean and transatlantic services. Flights to the likes of Montego Bay, Nassau, and San Juan will be daily. 

Also, the firm is planning to resume trips to several domestic, Canadian, Latin American, and transpacific destinations in the same month. In addition to these plans, it is looking to resume passenger services between Seattle and Shanghai, if the Chinese government approves.

Empty delta plane coronavirus
The airline will be hoping that passenger activity continues to improve in June. Photo: Getty Images

An evolving situation

Even though Delta is ready to deploy its aircraft, flights are always subject to government restrictions. Therefore, with the ever-changing environment, it is advisable to keep a close eye on travel conditions leading up to departure. Nonetheless, the airline’s summer activity already sounds much more promising than it was over the spring. 

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on its schedule for next month. A spokesperson said that the company is continuing to evaluate its summer schedule. It will adjust its operations depending on customer demand, government travel directives, and CDC guidelines.

What are your thoughts on the carrier’s schedule for June? Do you see more flights opening up throughout the summer? Let us know what you think of its plans in the comment section.