Lounge Review: Delta Sky Club In Seattle

Delta Air Lines operates a series of Sky Clubs around the world and the United States. One such Sky Club is at its hub at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The main Sky Club, located nearest to the A-gates, is large and well-thought-out. After a long day waiting for the 777X to take-off (spoiler: it didn’t) I was ready to unwind before my flight.

Delta Seattle Sky Club
A review of Delta’s main Sky Club in Seattle. Photo: Delta Air Lines


Passengers are greeted by a number of Delta employees in uniform after entering the Sky Club which can be found nearest to gate A1. Upon entering, an employee will check your eligibility to enter the Sky Club. A full list of access can be found here. I received access to this Sky Club thanks to my Platinum Card from American Express.

A Delta employee will check you in upon entering the Sky Club. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Seating in this Seattle Sky Club

In some lounges, finding seating can be a problem. Delta’s Sky Clubs can get pretty crowded– especially at hub airports. However, when I visited the lounge late on Friday night, the Sky Club was sparsely populated. Nevertheless, Delta has offered a host of seating options throughout the lounge.

Seating Sky Club
One seating area in the Sky Club consists of small partitioned seats and open chairs. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

Nearest to the entrance, Delta has provided guests with the option to find seating in partitioned seats or open chairs. This is where I chose to sit for my visit. My exhaustion probably played a part, but I found the partitioned seats to be the most comfortable with plenty of back support and room for lounging. In addition, it was nice to have a table on which to rest a drink and have access to power outlets.

Partitioned seating Seattle Sky Club
Having access to a table and power with a comfy seat was a huge plus. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

In the center of the lounge, Delta offers a variety of seating that also comes with tables. And, of course, Delta installed power outlets.

Delta seating
Additional seating in the Sky Club. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

This is a great spot for families, friends, or colleagues traveling together who want to just lounge and relax before a flight. But, if you are looking to get some work done, you can go to some of the cubicles at the far side of the Sky Club away from the entrance. The traffic there was quite low in comparison to the rest of the lounge.

Far side seating Seattle
More secluded seating in the Seattle Sky Club. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

These aerial shots were thanks to an upper level with a balcony in the Sky Club. Up here, there was plenty of seating. And, in case you get a little famished, this part of the Seattle Sky Club also has a small self-serve drink and snack station.

Upper level sky Club
Seating in the upper level of this Seattle Sky Club. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying
Seattle SKy Club
Snack and drink station at the upper levels of the Seattle Sky Club. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

On the back wall of this upper level, Delta had displayed a series of flower-related works and exhibits. There were also some quotes attributed to some well-known people. This would be a great place to go for a little stroll before your flight. Make sure you check it out on your next visit and let us know what you think!

There was also a dining area back on the main level. This dining area was located just opposite the bar and consisted of one large marble high-top table with seating around it and smaller tables around it for two people.

Seating behind the bar
Seating in the Sky Club near the bar. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Food and beverage

Delta offered a self-serve coffee and soda station. However, if guests want an adult beverage, they can go to the bar and order from a bartender.

Drink area next to the bar
The self-serve drink area next to the bar. Photo: Delta Air Lines

This bar was a little smaller than some in other Sky Clubs. It does not stand out as much as in other cities so you may miss it. However, if you grab some food or beverages, you’ll definitely catch it.

Speaking of food, Delta offered buffet-style nourishment. Since it was the evening when I went, more dinner-style options were available. These included some areas to build your own salad with a few different options to prepared soups and meat options. There were also some snack-style build-your-own plates and fruits available.

Food and beverage
Food and beverage at the Delta Sky Club. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

I went with a bowl of rice and chicken. It was nice to have a hot meal. However, passengers will have to find ways to add their own flavor as it was quite bland. In terms of scale, the food was better than that of a Priority Pass lounge (although, not all of them!), however, not exactly up to par with other international business-class lounges.


This is a pretty standard Delta Sky Club. The high ceiling and large windows give the place an open and airy feel. Meanwhile, the seating areas are spacious, plentiful, and quite comfortable. On the food side, Delta could improve its offerings a little bit as some of its competitors do. But, the ubiquitous power outlets will be well appreciated by all kinds of passengers looking to charge up before a flight.

Overall, I would visit this Sky Club again if I was in Seattle if I had the time. However, I would not go out of my way to make a stop in this lounge if I had either a tight connection or arrived a little late to the airport.

What do you think about Delta’s main Sky Club in Seattle? Let us know in the comments!