Delta Employee Gets Married In Sky Club Lounge

Delta travellers battling through busy Atlanta International Airport last week did a double take at the sight of a blushing bride and her smiling groom. The couple were on their way to Delta’s Sky Club to tie the knot.

Sara Lora, a Delta Air Lines employee, married Cody Kaufman in the Sky Club on Concourse B on Tuesday 2 July 2019.

delta sky club wedding
Plenty of seats and snacks for your guests at a Delta Sky Club wedding. Photo: Delta News Hub

They met while looking for something to eat at the same sky lounge buffet. It is not known if Mr Kaufman won Ms Lora’s heart by gallantly letting her have the last of the mac and cheese.

A report in Thrifty Traveller notes Ms Lora is Delta’s corporate communications general manager. On that first fateful meeting six years ago Ms Lora was heading down to Latin America and Mr Kaufman was off to Montana.

It’s a mystery as to where the happy couple are honeymooning. One assumes they flew Delta rather than AA. The team at Simple Flying wish them many years of happy flying, upgrades, and lounge visits.

Marrying in an airport lounge?

The very idea of a wedding in an airport lounge provokes mixed feelings in me. It’s a little too public for my tastes but I do appreciate the significant savings you could make in catering costs. Simply send your guests down to the salad bar…

Before every cost cutting Delta Sky Lounge member with a wedding to sort out gets the same idea, Delta’s lounges are generally not available for use as a wedding venue. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that “employees or others can request special access to get married in a place normally used for travel.

delta sky club wedding
Shift those seats and you have a ready made dance floor for the wedding waltz. Photo: Delta News Hub

The question is, does your prospective matrimonial buddy share your taste for airport lounges weddings? Delta Air Lines has a bit of form for letting its employees use its facilities for their happy day.

In 2017, in what the folks at The Points Guy called the coolest wedding of the year, Ken Nilsen married Ms Tracy Bellman on a flight between Cincinnati and Reagan National. After landing, the newlyweds and their guests headed to Reagan’s Sky Club for the reception.

It was a double celebration for Mr Nilsen. He’d also just made Diamond Medallion status.

And they are not the only couple who, like a reluctant step child, drag their Diamond Medallion status into their wedding plans.

Ms Bess Wohner and Mr Jeremy Simons got married earlier this year in a vaguely disturbing Delta Diamond Medallion themed wedding. “I’d rather Delta Diamond status than a diamond ring” said Ms Wohner. Fair enough; Delta should use that as a marketing tag. And good luck to the happy couple. Guess they can also name their first child Delta.

delta sky club wedding
Bess Wohner and Jeremy Simons at their Delta Diamond Medallion themed wedding. Photo: Delta News Hub

Would you get married in an airline lounge?

This writer suspects a few of his colleagues at Simple Flying would be up for an airline themed wedding just like this. Even better if Delta would let them use the business cabins in one of their new A330-900neos.

Delta is flying high these days and has a talent for clever publicity stunts to promote the airline. Ms Lora is one of their communications managers. Good luck to them.

And best wishes to the three couples in this article too.

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment but had not had no response prior to publication. Things may still be a little dusty in the office after Tuesday’s Atlanta wedding.

Would you get married in an airline lounge? Would your partner let you? If so, which lounge? Let us know.