Delta Air Lines Partners With Spotify For Onboard Entertainment

Delta Air Lines has announced a new partnership with Spotify for customers to enjoy onboard music. Exclusively through the airline’s Delta Studio onboard entertainment offering, customers will have access to curated podcast and music playlists to listen to inflight. This is on top of Delta’s on-demand seatback entertainment.

Delta Boeing 737-900
Delta customers will now be able to access special audio entertainment curated by Spotify. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Delta adds new Spotify partnership

Starting this month, Delta Air Lines will be offering its customers new entertainment options through Spotify. This will include access to playlists and podcasts via Delta’s seatback entertainment and will augment the carrier’s existing seatback entertainment.

The entertainment will include specially curated versions of Spotify’s most popular playlists and over 40 select podcast series curated by Spotify and Delta.

Ranjan Goswami, SVP of Brand Experience at Delta, stated the following on the new partnership:

“Our customers expect the very best in-flight entertainment when flying on Delta and Spotify is the very best in music and podcasts. We are not only elevating the audio experience onboard, but best-in-class content also is the foundation for our vision of a more personalized travel journey in the future that customers won’t find anywhere else.” 

Delta Air Lines Partners With Spotify For Onboard Entertainment
Podcasts are growing in popularity among listeners, and Delta is now offering them via a Spotify partnership. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Accessing the Spotify options

Passengers will need to use Delta’s seatback entertainment screens found on all mainline aircraft except for the Boeing 717. Navigate to the “Audio” tab under the inflight entertainment section to access content curated by Spotify.

While Spotify users may recognize playlists like Mood Boster, Relax & Unwind, RapCaviar, and Hot Country, these playlists are specially curated for Delta’s flights. Delta expects to regularly refresh the curated playlist mixtapes and podcasts. This will include expansions with new tracks and episodes with the latest hits and new playlists.

There are no Bluetooth pairing options for headphones on Delta, so customers will need to bring their own wired set to plug into the entertainment system. You may also be able to purchase a pair from a flight attendant onboard.

Delta Air Lines Partners With Spotify For Onboard Entertainment
Delta expects to refresh content regularly. Photo: Delta Air Lines

If you want to access your own Spotify account, you can do that. However, you will need to purchase an inflight WiFi pass that supports audio streaming. The airline is working on rolling out faster WiFi onboard all domestic mainline aircraft, so it may take a while to get fast WiFi and can handle streaming level quality for a large number of customers.

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Expanding its inflight entertainment portfolio

Several years back, the industry started to take two different paths with inflight entertainment. Some of Delta’s competitors started taking out seatback screens in favor of streaming options. The logic behind those decisions was that airlines could update that entertainment faster than seatback screens, both from a content and interface perspective.

Also, given how quickly technology has changed, customers would often board an aircraft with a better device from a screen perspective than a seatback one.

Delta Air Lines Partners With Spotify For Onboard Entertainment
Delta has stuck with seatback screens as other airlines moved away from them. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Delta decided to stick with seatback entertainment and expand it to much of its mainline fleet. It opted for a more premium travel experience. In recent years, Delta has invested in updating the inflight entertainment experience through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Delta Flight Products.

One of Delta’s recent advancements has been creating a wireless inflight entertainment system created at every seat. This latest-generation product can be found on newer aircraft, like the Airbus A220-100s, and retrofitted jets like the Boeing 767-400ERs. The newly designed system is faster to update and offers a newer, more customer-friendly interface and is much better than the seatback screens found on older aircraft like the Boeing 737-800s.

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