Passenger Performs Violin On Delta Flight To Get Overhead Locker Space

A passenger on a Delta flight played the violin to get overhead locker space. Classical music lovers aboard the flight were surely delighted. After all, airlines passengers do not get a private performance by a concert violinist on their flight every day.

Delta Air Lines Aircraft
Passengers on a Delta flight to Cincinnati received a special treat during their journey. Photo: Delta.

What are the details?

As reported by Classic FM, Giora Schmidt, an American violinist, was traveling on a Delta Air Lines flight bound for Cincinnati. He was late boarding the aircraft, and pretty much all of the overhead bin space had been taken. In fact, there was definitely not enough room in the overhead bins to store his violin. Giora Schmidt told a flight attendant that he would not be able to put his violin in the baggage compartment; after all, the instrument was an Italian antique.

Delta Regional Jet
Overhead bins on aircraft always seem to be too small. Photo: Delta.

The flight attendant came up with a great solution. She promised to find space for the violin if Schmidt played a concert for everybody onboard the aircraft. He agreed. Consequently, the flight attendant asked passengers to store some of their items from the overhead bins under their seats.

Fortunately, some fellow passengers moved their items. Accordingly, he was able to store his violin in the cabin of the aircraft.

The flight attendant made sure that Schmidt held up his end of the bargain. As a matter of fact, she did ask him to perform as the aircraft was getting ready to descend. Schmidt ended up playing Bach’s Partita No. 3 for the crew and the passengers. Apparently, everybody onboard loved the performance, with passengers filming the event on their phones.

Delta’s policy on musical instruments

Delta Air Lines has a detailed policy on the transport of musical instruments. According to the airline’s website, “guitars and other smaller instruments, such as violins, will be accepted as […] free carry-on baggage […] on Delta and Delta Connection carrier flights.” Nonetheless, the musical instrument must be stored in the overhead bin or another storage location in the cabin. If there is no space available when the passenger boards the aircraft, the musical instrument may have to be transported in the baggage compartment and gate claimed.

Delta Boeing 777
Like most airlines, Delta has a detailed policy for the transport of Special Items. Photo: Delta.

All in all, Schmidt got very lucky. Last year, a violinist was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after he refused to transport his $80,000 violin in the baggage compartment. Evidently the crew onboard this flight was not as accommodating as the Delta flight attendant. Luckily, she was a classical music lover.

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