Converted Boeing 767s – DHL Orders 9 Aircraft From Boeing

Logistics giant DHL Express is set to expand its long-haul cargo fleet after ordering nine converted Boeing 767-300 freighters. The company has already received seven examples of the 767-300BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) from an initial eight-plane order, making this most recent order its largest yet. The aircraft will help modernize DHL’s fleet.

DHL Boeing 767-300F
DHL has deployed its existing 767-300BCFs in Latin America and the Middle East. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Nine more converted 767s

Boeing announced today that it has received a nine-aircraft firm order from DHL Express for its 767-300BCF. The carrier has requested the additional jets in response to increasing global cargo demand. Growing cargo demand has been one of the most notable aviation developments in recent years, with cargo booming despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nine converted 767s will join an existing seven-plane fleet of this type at DHL. The carrier is awaiting delivery of the eighth and final aircraft of its first order. DHL has divisions worldwide, and has been leasing its existing 767-300BCFs to Middle Eastern and Latin American partners. Its Senior VP of Global Air Fleet Management, Geoff Kehr, stated:

The additional 767 freighters are part of our efforts to modernize DHL’s long-haul intercontinental fleet in order to fly eco-friendlier and more cost-efficiently. Our goal is to enhance our well-connected global network whilst reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption to benefit the environment, partners, and customers alike.”

DHL Boeing 767 Getty
The new planes will form a key part of DHL’s fleet modernization program. Photo: Getty Images

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A key medium widebody freighter

In the domain of medium widebody cargo aircraft, the Boeing 767-300BCF is a very competitive design. Boeing notes that it is the most efficient aircraft in its class, resulting in it being the medium widebody freighter with the lowest (per trip) operating costs.

These aircraft can carry 51.6 tonnes of cargo for up to 6,190 km (3,345 NM). They make for a tempting prospect for cargo operators who are willing to give old passenger jets a new lease of life. Ihssane Mounir, Boeing’s Senior VP of Commercial Sales and Marketing, stated:

The versatility of the 767-300BCF makes it the preferred medium widebody converted freighter for both the general and express cargo markets, ensuring DHL will have the capability, reliability, and efficiency they need to capture growth opportunities and maximize their air cargo operations.”

Boeing 767-300BCF
The 767-300BCF is a world-leading aircraft in its class when it comes to efficiency. Photo: Boeing

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As it happens, this isn’t the first piece of news from Boeing regarding their converted freighters that has arisen since the Dubai Air Show began over the weekend. Indeed, it announced yesterday that it will open a new conversion line at Gatwick in 2022.

This site will specialize in converting Boeing 737-800s for use as cargo planes. 2023 will then see it open a further two lines in Kelowna, Canada. All in all, with cargo demand set to rise, and existing aircraft only getting older, establishing a strong presence in the conversion market could prove to be a very astute move on Boeing’s part in years to come.

What do you make of this order? Are you a fan of the Boeing 767-300BCF? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.