Disruptive S7 Airlines Passenger Taped To Aircraft Seat

***This article has been updated with a reply from the Airline***

A drunk S7 Airlines passenger in Russia has been taped down by flight crew after trying repeatedly to ‘meet the captain’ in the cockpit. The passenger hurled abuse to those attempting to restrain him as they fastened him to his business class seat. He has since recovered and has no memory of the incident.

A man has been taped down onboard an S7 Airlines flight for being drunk. Photo: Getty Images

What are the details?

There is a difference between being told to calm down by a flight attendant for being a little rowdy, to being physically tied down by team members for trying to invade the cockpit.

One passenger onboard an S7 Airlines Airbus A320 happened to experience this themselves, learning the hard way that getting drunk and trying to have a conversation with the driver (much like on a bus) it is strongly not recommended.

As reported by Flyer Talk, a passenger was flying onboard an S7 Airlines flight from the Russain city of Mineralnye Vody to Novosibirsk, when he had a bit too much to drink and started to get a bit loud.

The man in his 50s became aggressive with the flight attendants and demanded that the captain come to speak to him. When he was denied he said he would meet the captain himself and proceeded to try and enter the cockpit.

What happened next?

It took a group of passengers and flight attendants to drag him to a nearby free business class seat and then to hold him down. Lacking any restraints on board, the team had to resort to using reels of plastic tape as the man thrashed about ‘like a wild bear’. The plastic is normally used to cover food.

He continued to scream and shout for the remainder of the four-hour flight until the aircraft landed in Novosibirsk, in Siberia. Police then boarded the plane and it took a large squad to successfully pull him off and haul him to jail.

Officially, the man has been arrested for violating public order and charged with hooliganism. He is still currently in lock up as the police decide what to do with him.

A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said to the Mirror “Officers brought the man to the police station but he continued his wild behavior. He verbally abused the duty policemen and tried to attack them.”

He potentially faces up to five years in jail.

S7 Airbus A320 interior. Photo: Gleb Osokin via Wikipedia

What has been the response to this incident?

Some commentators have been a little disturbed by the fact that there were no handcuffs onboard and no easy way for the flight crew to restrain a passenger.

“These are quite soft handcuffs but you cannot tear them off. We have a first aid kit for emergencies. We should also have special equipment for situations when such hooligans are rushing to get to the pilots,” Igor Trunov, president of the Lawyer’s Union of Russia, mentioned as he asked for an overhaul of the equipment onboard.

S7 Airlines has been reached out to for comment:

On December 16th during S6 5128 flight one of the business class passengers after having a couple of glasses of cognac insisted on letting him to the cockpit in order to make pictures with pilots. Cabin crew members politely explained to him it was not possible. The man spoke loudly, walked, behaved aggressively towards other passengers. In order to ensure security onboard cabin crew members with the help of other passengers seated him and restrained. Upon landing in Novosibirsk he was handed over to the police.

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