Donald Trump’s Chefs Serve Up A Halloween Treat Aboard Air Force One

You’d think the crew of Air Force One would have this catering thing down. After all, they make meals for the President and his entourage with some frequency. But it turns out that airplane food on AF1 can be just as dubious as on any other carrier, as some unsuspecting journalists found out this week.

Air Force One Halloween
The catering on Air Force One was a little bit spooky this Halloween. Photo: US AIr Force

Happy Trumpoween

The Trumps like to celebrate Halloween as much as the rest of us. Indeed, this past weekend saw Melania’s third Halloween party take place, where local children and members of the military were invited to enjoy a pumpkin trail and an enchanted forest, among other things.

However, it seems Trump’s love of all things spooky extends to more than just a party at the White House, as journalists traveling on Air Force One this Monday discovered.

On a trip to Chicago, the guests of the President were dished up a special Halloween themed meal, complete with a yellow bell pepper carved like a jack-o-lantern.

It’s kind of cute, but is novelty food really appropriate for a bunch of adults on the presidential jet? I mean, I spent years shaping my kids’ dinners into faces for their amusement, but even they’ve now told me enough is enough.

Appropriate or not, the pumpkin-pepper was by far the least terrifying thing on the tray. Once the Twitterverse got over that little amusement, all eyes were on the mysterious and rather disgusting looking grey thing on the side plate to the left.

Speculation stirs

Dozens of commentators have speculated on what the thing might be. Some thought it was a mutated chicken of some sort, perhaps coated in a greyish sauce. Others thought it might be dessert; perhaps a nice bread pudding with a shiny glaze on top.

However, some readers had some slightly more sinister ideas about what it might be…

Naturally, some ignored the mystery dish entirely and instead focused on the uncanny resemblance of the pepper itself.

It just goes to show, airplane food can suck even if you’re on the most famous aircraft in the world.