What’s Happening With Donald Trump’s Boeing 757?

Before his presidency, Donald Trump was frequently seen flying around the world in his eye-catching Boeing 757. Dubbed ‘Trump Force One’ following its appearance on the campaign trail in 2016, the jet went largely unused once Trump took office and began flying on government transport instead. So, where is it now?

Trump 757
Trump’s private 757 was once his pride and joy, but where is it now? Photo: Getty Images

Trump’s 757 languishes in Orange County

Before he was allowed to use a converted Boeing 747 under the Air Force One callsign for his trips, Donald Trump used to jet around the world in his own personal Boeing 757. Affectionately dubbed ‘Trump Force One’, the aircraft has been sitting idle since Trump took up the US presidency in January 2017.

During his time at the White House, Trump Force One operated a few executive trips for the Trump Organization, but in mid-2019, was placed into long-term storage at Stewart International Airport. Its maintenance was overdue, and Trump didn’t think he would need it again for at least another four years.

There were rumors it would come out of mothballs ahead of his departure from the White House in January. However, there was a big problem – one engine had been removed. A loan engine was reportedly being sought to enable the jet to fly to Citadel Completions in Louisiana for maintenance. That engine was never found, and Trump flew to Mar-a-Largo on board the VC-25A ‘Air Force One’ 747.

Trump 757
The plane provided a backdrop to many of his campaign rallies. Photo: Getty Images

As of today, the 757 remains stranded in Stewart, north of New York. The almost 30-year-old aircraft is still in need of an engine, a Rolls-Royce RB211, to get it ferried for maintenance. All that costs money, and it doesn’t seem to be an investment Trump is keen to make right now.

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Stewart is not a great storage location

For most aircraft owners, storage has become a hot topic in recent months. With airlines keen to keep their grounded jets in good order, desert storage locations have become the location of choice. The warm, dry conditions are ideally suited to keeping aircraft in tip-top shape, and have seen the likes of Victorville, Alice Springs and Teruel in Spain filling up with planes.

New York Stewart International Airport, in Orange County, is not such a super place to keep an aircraft. Although the summer is warm and often dry, the winter can be cold, with temperatures dropping to seven degrees C (44 F) or below. The cold season can bring with it plenty of rain, and sometimes also snow, making for a poor storage environment for aircraft.

Trump 757
Stewart is not a great location for storing aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

With the 757 unable to fly, Trump has been left to fly in his smaller corporate jet. His Cessna 750 Citation X has frequently been spotted flying between Palm Beach and LaGuardia. Seating just eight passengers, it’s not as luxurious as the 757, and doesn’t have his name on the side.

Trump Cessna
Trump is confined to the Cessna Citation for now. Photo: John Sonderman via Flickr

Trump’s 757 was once his pride and joy. It featured front and center in his 2016 presidential campaign, with several rallies held at airports with the plane as a backdrop. It’s a lavishly appointed VIP space, with cream leather seats, 24-karat gold fixings and a huge master bedroom.

But Trump doesn’t have cash to burn, as 2020 has taken its toll on the billionaire’s worth. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, his net worth is down to $2.3 billion from $3 billion before his presidency. For now, it seems that Trump is condemned to rely on his somewhat less glamorous Cessna Citation.