Drunk Passenger Threatens Crew Causing United 787 Diversion


A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles, California to Tokyo’s Narita Airport, had to divert to Anchorage, Alaska, last Sunday after a drunken male passenger threatened to kill a flight attendant. This is just one more occurrence in a list of air rage incidents where the bad behavior of one passenger not only spoils the flight for all onboard but also puts the aircraft at risk.

N20904, Boeing 787-8
Flight UA32 had to be diverted to Anchorage due to a drunk passenger. Photo: InSapphoWeTrust Wikipedia.

According to documents filed in an Anchorage court, United Airlines flight UA32 was en route to Tokyo’s Narita Airport in Japan when a 51-year-old passenger by the name of Seksan Kumtong started behaving erratically.

The passenger started shouting and banging on toilet doors

In what appeared to be an attempt to get into one of the aircraft’s toilets, Kumtong started shouting and banging on the occupied toilet doors. One of the flight attendants intervened to guide Kumtong to an unoccupied lavatory when he tried to shove the crew member but missed. After he returned to his seat and consumed another drink, the decision was made to cut him off, meaning no more alcoholic beverages for the remainder of the flight.


Now back in his seat and apparently calm, Kumtong fell asleep for a while, before waking up and demanding another drink. When he was told that he would not be served, he started yelling at the flight attendant. This flight attendant then called the senior cabin crew member on the plane to help.

Passenger strikes the lead flight attendant in the face

The lead flight attendant told Kumtong that he needed to slow down on the drinks and behave. It was at this point, according to the court documents, that Kumtong became physically aggressive. According to court papers seen by the Anchorage Daily News, Kumtong struck the flight attendant in the face and then grabbed the flight attendants’ tie in an attempt to force them to the ground. While the scuffle was taking place, court papers say Kumtong was yelling obscenities while also saying “I will kill you.”

Due to the passenger’s behavior, the flight was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska. The passenger can face up to 20 years in jail. Photo:ANC

Other passengers quickly managed to pull Kumtong away and restrain him in his seat until the plane could land. Following the incident, the captain decided to divert to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), where Kumtong was met by members of law enforcement. The main agency involved, the FBI, charged him with breaking federal law by interfering with the flight’s crew.


The passenger remains in federal custody awaiting trial

According to Dave Schulling, deputy chief of the Anchorage Airport Police and Fire Department, the aircraft crew and passengers were put up in a hotel for the night. Passengers and crew continued their journey to Japan the following day.

Meanwhile, Kumtong is still in federal custody at the Anchorage Correctional Center awaiting trial. When appearing for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Kumtong’s public defender asked for more time so that a translator could be found. No mention was made in the court documents as to Kumtong’s nationality or which language he spoke.

Passengers and crew were put in a hotel for the night. Photo: United Airlines

A hearing is now scheduled for next Tuesday the 11th of February at 1:30 p.m.


Following the incident, United Airlines issued a statement carried by The Independent, which read:

“The safety and security of our employees and customers is our top priority. On Sunday, United flight 32 traveling from Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita diverted to Anchorage due to a disruptive customer…The flight landed safely and was met by local officials. The customer was removed and we worked to get customers on their way as soon as possible.”

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Gerry S

With behavior like this becoming more common place, might not be long before international flights begin carrying on-board security complete with a little jail cell tucked away below. This will certainly allow the flight to complete its journey uninterrupted. This keeps up, that day will come.


Terrible last time I got d***k on a aircraft it was Emirates only thing I killed was a beef stew.

Daniel Baglietto Seymour

Ban him from flying.Stop alcohol being served on airlines.

Gerry S

Cannot do that. You will lose 2/3 of your clientele.

JJ Davy-seetal

A jail cell is a great idea or hand cuff the idiot


Ban alcohol on all flights. ☺

Jay H

1 year in prison, a ban from flying and a fine would be a start. Airlines don’t need to stop serving alcohol, but perhaps they should limit it to two drinks per customer.


How about if they make him walk home from Anchorage?

Gerry S

He will get a ticket for walking while intoxicated.


First have a one or two drink limit. Then it wouldn’t happen!

Gordon Campbell

Well 2 passengers on a flight from Britain to Mexico were turned back to to Canada over, Florida given a 30-day jail term with a $100,000 fine. Each


Lee Kuan Yew knew how to deal with these types. 10 strokes of the rotan, professionally administered worked wonders. Few if any went back for a second dose and it is far cheaper than prison. Call me old fashioned – yep.