Wow: The Dubai Airshow Created $54.5 Billion In Sales

Dubai Airshow 2019 has been hailed a success by its global attendees. A spokesperson for the show claims a record attendance and the creation of $54.5bn worth of sales.

Dubai airshow delegates
Dubai Airshow hits new heights with a record-breaking number of exhibitors and delegates. Photo: Dubai Airshow

At the close of the show today (21/11/19), Dubai Airshow said in its press release the event was a success and had gone above and beyond expectations.

Michele van Akelijen, boss of show organizers Tarsus F&E LLC Middle East, said, “We always want to outperform our last show, and 2019 has gone above and beyond expectation, with so much great business being done alongside an engaging and innovative programme of conferences, exhibits and flying displays.

We have already seen exhibitors rebooking for the next edition, and we look forward greatly to seeing what the next two years of aerospace development will bring to out 2021 edition.

The Dubai Airshow will return on November 14th, 2021.

Sales record

Sales at the air show began slowly compared to previous years. The only deal announced on Day One was the sale of two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to Biman Bangladesh Airlines. That deal was worth a reported $585 million.

Dubai Airshow delegates
Sales slow at the start of the air show picked up as the week went on. Photo: Dubai Airshow

In comparison, the opening days of the 2017 and 2013 Dubai Airshows saw orders worth $15.1bn and $192bn respectively, reports CNBC. (In 2017 Boeing reaped a $15.1bn reward for the sale of 40 787-10 jets to Emirates).

But as a week of top-level bartering came to a close, it became clear this year’s sales would eventually breach those previously recorded.

Airbus, primarily, cleaned up with orders for its A350s and other types. The aerospace giant secured $30bn worth of orders on Day Two, for the first time out-competing Boeing at this stage of the air show. The biggest order came from Emirates; the Dubai carrier bought 20 additional A350s for $16bn. It now has 50 A350s on order.

Boeing losing out

Meanwhile, Boeing once again used the public platform to reassert its commitment to safety in light of crashes of its MAX aircraft.

The company performed the same dance at the Paris Air Show earlier this year. Its opening gambit in June, an apology for the loss of nearly 350 lives aboard two of its aircraft.

Lion Air MAX aircraft
Boeing once again apologizes for the loss of life aboard two of its 737 MAXs. Photo: Boeing

The company is now working against the clock to bring the MAX into line for FAA regulatory approval. It hopes the type will be flying again by February 2020.

Despite its woes, Boeing remains optimistic about the MAX’s future. Worldwide condemnation of the type is balanced by admiration in some quarters. Turkey’s SunExpress, for instance, announced its purchase of 10 more MAXs at this year’s show. The deal is thought to be worth around $1.2bn according to Express and Star.

Boss of SunExpress Jens Bischof told the E&S, “We have full confidence that Boeing will deliver us a safe, reliable and efficient aircraft.

“This requires the undisputed airworthiness of the model… Our utmost priority at SunExpress is and has always been safety.”

Until next time

According to the Dubai Airshow press release, this year hosted more than 1,288 exhibitors, 161 static aircraft and 84,043 attendees. The organizers hope the next air show in 2021 will surpass expectations yet again.