Why We’re Excited For The Dubai Airshow

There are now less than 40 days to go until the Dubai Airshow. While the Paris Air Show is gone but not forgotten, rather than reminiscing about what was, it is now time to start getting excited about what is to come.

Dubai Airshow, Dubai Air Show, Dubai 2019
The highlight of the last Dubai Airshow included two Emirates aircraft. Photo: Emirates

Here at Simple Flying, we love airshows. From seeing exotic aircraft to aircraft order excitement, they have it all. While the Dubai Airshow may not see its doors opening to the public, there will be plenty of excitement happening behind the scenes. Simple Flying will be attending the event to bring you all of the latest news. Let us take a look at some of the reasons we’re excited for the 2019 Dubai Airshow!

Flying displays

One of the highlights of any airshow is undoubtedly the flying displays. The highlight of the last Dubai Airshow’s display was when the display team of the United Arab Emirates Air Force performed with aircraft from the Emirates fleet.

The flying displays give manufacturers the chance to show off their aircraft to attendees of the airshow. Additionally, the routines usually show aircraft performing some impressive maneuvers which wouldn’t be seen on a regular flight.

Dubai Airshow, Dubai Air Show, Dubai 2019
You won’t see an A380 pull moves like this at London Heathrow. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


The large manufacturers like to save their biggest announcements for airshows. For example, at the Paris Air Show this year we saw Airbus announce the XLR version of the Airbus A321. Additionally, there had been some rumors that Boeing would announce its new 797 at the last Paris Air Show. However, this turned out to not be the case. Could we be in for a surprise at the Dubai Airshow?

Aircraft orders

Some aircraft orders are always to be expected at airshows. In Paris this year, we saw a flood of orders for the newly announced Airbus A321XLR previously mentioned. However, we were also surprised by a letter of intent during the show.

Dubai Airshow, Dubai Air Show, Dubai 2019
A flurry of Airbus A321XLR orders were placed at the Paris Air Show. Photo: Airbus

IAG surprised global media by announcing a letter of intent for 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. One should note that a letter of intent does not indicate a commitment. However, the airline group has been in discussions with Boeing to bring forward a potential delivery date before the commitment has even been made.

Exhibitors from around the world

The world’s big airshows such as Paris, Farnborough and Dubai see exhibitors traveling from around the world in order to show off their wares and services. While this obviously includes the giants such as Airbus and Boeing, it will also include a number of smaller aviation companies.

Indeed, the event organizers have already told how they expect that the Dubai Airshow 2019  will be bigger, better and busier than previous editions. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

What do you expect to see come out of the Dubai Airshow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!