Intruder Breaches Perimeter Fence At Dublin Airport

There was some drama at Dublin Airport earlier after an intruder was filmed running along the secure area’s perimeter fence. It seems that the intruder did not impact airfield operations as the airport’s tower continued to allow traffic to land on the active runway.

Dublin Airport, Perimeter Fence, Intruder
An intruder breached the secure area of Dublin Airport earlier today. Photo: DAA

Airports are usually pretty secure areas. After all, everybody is familiar with the security procedures that passengers must follow to get airside in the terminal area. However, when these are breached, it inevitably leads to questions about how the individual could gain access to an off-limits area.

This is a question raised earlier this month when Greenpeace activists breached the perimeter of Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. Having gained airside access, the group proceeded to vandalize an Air France Boeing 777.

So what happened in Dublin?

It’s not exactly clear what circumstances led to an intruder entering the secure area at Dublin Airport earlier today. At around 17:10 UTC, a man in beige trousers, a black t-shirt, and an orange jacket was filmed running along the inside of the airport’s perimeter fence.

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A short time later, the man was reportedly apprehended by the airport police, according to eyewitness Kyle H who filmed the below video used with Kyle’s permission.

According to recordings on, the tower controllers at the time of the incident were aware that it was unfolding. The cautioned an arriving Virgin Atlantic flight of the incident, saying,

“Virgin 521 just for information, we’ve had reports of an intruder on the airfield, we are unsure as to whether or not the personnel are within the flight strip of Runway 28L, we’ll keep you advised.”

Dublin Airport, Perimeter Fence, Intruder
Airport police reportedly detained the man. Photo: DAA

Simple Flying contacted a Dublin Airport spokesperson who told us,

“At 17.12 we became aware of an intruder on the airfield. The intruder was apprehended by Airport Police at 17.16. He was subsequently arrested by the Gardaí (Irish police). He did not enter the active runway at any point.”

How are things going in Dublin?

Like most airports worldwide, Dublin Airport is currently suffering from the effects of the current situation afflicting the aviation industry.

Dublin Airport, Perimeter Fence, Intruder
Traffic has almost dropped to similar levels seen in April 2020. Photo:

It’s been just over a year since the airport started to feel the effects of the crisis. According to data from, the airport was averaging 571 daily movements in the week of March 12th to 18th, 2020. Last week, the airport’s daily movements sat at 88 flights. Ryanair, a primary Dublin user, has cut many flights to and from its big UK and Ireland hubs, including London Stansted and Dublin.

The figures from show that Dublin’s flight numbers aren’t at their lowest since the crisis began, but they’re pretty close. In the worst week of the situation, the airport saw just 56 flights a day on average between April 16th and April 22nd, 2020.

What do you make of today’s perimeter intrusion? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!