Myanmar National Airlines E190 Lands Without Nose Gear


News coming out of Mandalay International Airport in Myanmar indicates a Myanmar National Airlines E190 made an emergency landing with the nose gear retracted. Thankfully, Myanmar National Airlines reported no injuries or casualties.

A Myanmar National Airlines E190 made an emergency landing at Mandalay International Airport. Photo: Alec Wilson/Wikimedia

The incident

Myanmar National Airlines flight 103 was in service from Yangon International Airport to Mandalay International Airport. The aircraft in question – registered as XYAGQ – is a 10-year-old Embraer 190 aircraft. As the flight prepared for landing, the cockpit crew was alerted to a landing gear malfunction. The nose gear would not deploy. Consequently, this led to an emergency landing.

A Myanmar National Airlines E190 landed without its nose gear. Photo: Myanmar National Airlines via Facebook

According to a statement posted on Myanmar National Airlines’ Facebook page, the captain attempted the emergency landing gear down procedure. However, the malfunction persisted. In addition, the captain did two flybys of the control tower who confirmed the nose landing gear had not been deployed.

The captain then proceeded to make an emergency landing at Mandalay International Airport with the nose gear still retracted.

All passengers evacuated safely from the E190. Photo: Myanmar National Airlines via Facebook

As a result, the crew initiated an emergency evacuation. Some passengers filmed the event.

The crew


In the cockpit were Captain Myat Moe Aung, First Officers Myo Thiha Aung and Kaung Set Lwin. Service in the cabin was conducted by Purser Cherry Myint and three other cabin crew personnel.

The Myanmar National Airlines crew onboard UB103. Photo: Myanmar National Airlines via Facebook

Cabin crew play an integral role in any emergency. Whether it be severe turbulence or an attempted hijacking, cabin crew are the ones passengers turn to for instruction and safety. While many passengers assume their primary role is service, flight attendants play a vital role in keeping all passengers safe.


Myanmar National Airlines

Myanmar National Airlines is the flag carrier of Myanmar. They are a small airline and fly Boeing 737-800, Embraer E190, and ATR aircraft. Thus, they are more of a regional airline serving Myanmar.

The airline began service in 1948 as the Union of Burma Airways. Then, in 1989, Myanmar National Airlines underwent its first rebranding as “Myanmar Airways”. Finally, in 2014, Myanmar Airlines was rebranded into its current form: Myanmar National Airlines.


After seeing some horrific incidents lately, it is relieving that there were no fatalities or injuries. Moreover, it appears from images that the crew managed to maintain their composure during the incident.

There were no fatalities or injuries to any of the passengers or crew on the flight. Photo: Myanmar National Airlines via Facebook

Simple Flying hopes to see this E190 back in service soon!

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All images came from Myanmar National Airlines Facebook