easyJet: A Blueprint For The Future?

Over the past few years, easyJet has been taking center stage when it comes to sustainability in the European aviation arena. From the jet power sources of the future to increasing intermodality, easyJet has launched several new initiatives over the past few years on the way to net-zero flying by 2050. Could they provide a blueprint for the future?

Deutsche Bahn, easyJet, Sustainability
Does easyJet offer a blueprint for the future of aviation? Photo: Getty Images

Across the world, sustainability is taking center stage as the aviation industry’s top issue. Recently the entire industry committed to net-zero by 2050 at the IATA AGM in Boston, but even before this, airlines were looking to the future of their own accord.


One of the ways with which easyJet is trying to increase its offering while reducing travel emissions is through a partnership with Deutsche Bahn, bundling flights with train tickets to and from the airport within Germany. This makes it easier to get to the airport and encourages passengers away from domestic flights with competitors or driving to the airport on their own.

The tickets also have benefits for passengers. Not only do they have an easier way to get to the airport, but the bundled nature of the offering means that if the train is canceled or delayed, passengers will be accommodated as if they were on a connecting flight.

Deutsche Bahn, easyJet, Sustainability
easyJet sells joint train and flight tickets with Deutsche Bahn through Berlin. Photo: Pixabay

Airline of the future?

easyJet is keeping its options open when it comes to the future of aviation. The airline has interests in both Hydrogen-powered flights being worked on by Airbus and electric-powered flights being sought after by WrightElectric.

However, both of these technologies remain quite a way off. In the meantime, the airline is also taking action now through initiatives such as replacing older A320ceo family aircraft with new neos, sustainable aviation fuels, and carbon offsetting.

easyJet: A Blueprint For The Future?

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Deutsche Bahn, easyJet, Sustainability
Join us as easyJet COO Sophie Dekkers becomes an airline for the future.

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Deutsche Bahn, easyJet, Sustainability
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