Throwback: easyJet’s Summer Of Boeing 757 Operations

When it comes to the orange-clad UK low-cost carrier easyJet, aircraft from the Airbus A320 family often spring to mind. You may also remember that, in its early years, its fleet consisted entirely of Boeing 737s. However, did you know that easyJet has also operated the Boeing 757? In the summer of 2010, it took four of these classic aircraft on short-term leases.

easyJet Boeing 757
The Boeing 757-200 remains the largest aircraft that easyJet has operated. Four examples of the type graced its fleet during the summer of 2010. Photo: Pedro Aragão via Wikimedia Commons


According to, the first of the four 757-200s drafted in to provide extra capacity on easyJet‘s busy summer leisure routes bore the registration OH-AFJ. This 219-seater arrived from Nordic leisure operator Air Finland on June 11th, 2010. By this time, the aircraft was 16 years old. It had previously flown for Baikal Airlines (Russia, 1994-1996).

It also served Avianca (Colombia, 1996-2003) before joining Air Finland. Despite only being with the airline for around three months, OH-AFJ and the other 757s that were leased to easyJet sported its orange paint scheme during their tenure, as seen above. After a busy summer, OH-AFJ returned to Air Finland on September 27th, 2010.

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Air Finland Boeing 757
OH-AFJ was one of two 757s leased to easyJet by Air Finland. Photo: Maarten Visser via Flickr

The carrier eventually filed for bankruptcy in June 2012, marking the end of the aircraft’s passenger-carrying days. Since then, it has flown as a converted cargo aircraft for FedEx. Here, it bears the registration N967FD, and the name Jessi. shows that it last flew on May 13th, operating a service from Tokyo, Japan to Guangzhou, China.


Unlike the first example, the second 757 to arrive at easyJet (on June 14th, 2010) bore a British registration. G-OJIB joined the airline from UK leisure and charter carrier Astraeus. This 21-year old aircraft had initially entered service with Air 2000 in March 1989. For the first decade of its career, Air 2000 frequently leased this aircraft to Canada 3000 Airlines.

It also enjoyed brief periods at Spanair, Skyservice Airlines, Ghana International Airlines, BMI, and Saudi Arabian Airlines. A month after Astraeus folded in November 2011, the aircraft joined cargo giant FedEx. Its most recent flight took place on April 9th, according to This saw it travel from Memphis, Tennessee to Mobile, Alabama.

FedEx Boeing 757
Two of easyJet’s leased 757s now fly cargo for FedEx. Photo: Ian Gratton via Flickr


G-ZAPX arrived at easyJet hot on the heels of the first two 757s, on June 16th, 2010. This 195-seat aircraft also bore a Britsh registration, having been leased to the carrier from Stansted-based Titan Airways. Its tenure at easyJet concluded on September 27th, 2010.

The aircraft spent its first six years (2000-2006) flying for Spanish flag carrier Iberia before joining Titan. It did so under the registration EC-HIS, and the name Bolivia. It still flies for Titan today, albeit with a slightly altered 202-seat configuration. reports that it last flew yesterday evening, from Accra, Ghana to its base at London Stansted.


easyJet’s four and final 757 arrived more than a month later than its first three, on July 30th, 2010. Registered as OH-AFI, this was the second example to join the carrier from Air Finland. However, unlike its counterpart OH-AFJ, it featured winglets, as seen below.

easyJet Boeing 757
OH-AFI also featured bright orange winglets. Photo: Pedro Aragão via Wikimedia Commons

OH-AFI entered service with Dutch low-cost carrier and KLM subsidiary Transavia in 1996. It has also flown for Air Transat (Canada), TAESA (Mexico), Livingston (Italy), and Safi Airways (Afghanistan). More recently, it has undergone a premium heavy conversion. Indeed, for six years between 2014 and 2020, it flew for UK-based TAG Aviation Ltd.

During this time, it featured a configuration of just 52 to 78 business class seats. After being stored in Marana, Arizona between July 2020 and April 2021, it has since joined Russia’s Azur Air under the registration VQ-BZE. For avgeeks who want a memento of easyJet’s 757 summer, JC Wings/AMS has even produced a 1/200 scale model of OH-AFI!

Did you know that easyJet briefly operated the Boeing 757? Perhaps you even went on one yourself in the summer of 2010? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!