easyJet Looks To Mid-June Flight Resumption

easyJet is eyeing a mid-June flight resumption. The airline’s fleet has been grounded since March 24th as a result of the current crisis. The low-cost carrier’s return to the skies would come with the addition of mandatory face masks.

easyJet, Flight Resumption, June 15th
easyJet has announced it will resume services next month. Photo: easyJet

Three months ago, nobody would have expected the industry to be forced to react to the pandemic in the way it has. Yet here we are. European low-cost carrier easyJet has so far had its operations suspended for two months. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with the announcement that flights will resume from June 15th.

Flight resumption

As mentioned, easyJet is looking to resume operations from June 15th. However, unlike Ryanair’s 1,000 flights per day from July 1st, easyJet will initially focus on a much-reduced network, at least for the time being.

easyJet will mainly focus on a smaller network of mostly domestic flights to start with from 21 destinations. Operating domestic flights would allow the airline to side-step quarantine regulations.

easyJet, Flight Resumption, June 15th
The airline will ensure aircraft are regularly disinfected. Photo: easyJet

However, the EU has set June 15th as the date that it intends to reduce the current restrictions on travel between member countries. If easyJet’s soft, mostly domestic relaunch goes well, it will allow the airline to prepare to reopen international routes.

While demand is currently beyond low, there exists a possibility that once restrictions are relaxed, people will want to travel to see family and friends, and perhaps even begin to take holidays. Of course, this won’t completely offset the current decline in demand.

New restrictions

Like many other European airlines, easyJet will add compulsory mask-wearing as a policy onboard its aircraft. It seems that easyJet will follow the example set by Lufthansa and Ryanair and not implement a social distancing policy. The airline did, however, mention that crew would seat passengers apart where possible.

easyJet released a new video for passengers outlining its new travel policies:

If easyJet were to implement a social distancing policy, it would put the airline at a significant disadvantage to its competitors from an economic point of view. It would either lose revenue or need to hike flight prices. IATA recommends that airlines don’t implement social distancing policies.

Initially, the low-cost carrier won’t offer any buy onboard selections. Instead, extra sanitary equipment such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be carried in case passengers need them.

easyJet, Flight Resumption, June 15th
Passengers are asked to observe social distancing in the terminal. Photo: easyJet

In a press release, easyJet’s CEO Johan Lundgren commented on the news, saying:

“These are small and carefully planned steps that we are taking to resume operations. We will continue to closely monitor the situation across Europe so that when more restrictions are lifted the schedule will continue to build over time to match demand.”

Are you happy to see orange Airbus A320s returning to the skies? Where would you like to fly first with easyJet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.