EasyJet Set To Launch Points Based Loyalty Programme In 2020

EasyJet is set to invest heavily in their loyalty program over the next to years. Currently, the airline offers two loyalty programs, one paid for, the other is strictly invite only. While the paid program is fairly similar to a legacy carrier’s free rewards scheme, the free invitation-only program currently offers fairly few benefits. Despite speculation that this news would be announced earlier in the year, the news was formally announced via the company’s most recent financial presentation.

EasyJet’s new scheme will initially launch in the UK next year. Photo: EasyJet

Current Schemes

There are currently two different schemes offered by EasyJet. The first is called EasyJet Plus. With EasyJet Plus, passengers are required to pay £199 per year. This, however, gives them most of the benefits of a “Flexi” booking, even if on a cheap booking. EasyJet Plus members receive free seat selection, priority boarding, fast track security, access to dedicated bag drops, in addition to a couple of others. In other words, it equates to a standard airline loyalty scheme.

EasyJet Loyalty
The benefits of an EasyJet Plus Membership. Source: EasyJet

The other scheme currently offered is known as EasyJet Flight Club. This is a free scheme offered to frequent travellers. As the program is by invite only, in order to qualify as a frequent traveller you must reportedly fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Flown 20 EasyJet flights in the past 12 months;
  • Flown 10+ flights amounting to over £1500 in the past 12 months;
  • Or, flown an average of 10 flights a year over the past 10 years with at least 1 flight a year.

The benefits of this program are not the same as EasyJet plus. Instead of offering the little perks that make a travellers day, the main benefit of Flight Club is that flight change fees are waived.

Loyalty Boosts Bookings

According to EasyJet, their new scheme will help to keep customers coming back. This is much the same as when you visit the same coffee shop to get your card stamped. According to EasyJet’s data “66% of seats in FY18 were booked by customers who had also booked with EasyJet in the previous 2 years”. Additionally, returning customers will book twice as many bookings as first time EasyJet customers.

EasyJet Loyalty
The new scheme will be rolled out across Europe in 2020. Photo: EasyJet

Now EasyJet is going to change its frequent flyer scheme to be available to everybody. All passengers will be able to collect and spend points on EasyJet purchases. In 2019, EasyJet will begin the rollout by developing the new technology required and launching it in the UK. Secondly, in 2020, the program will roll out across Europe and expand to include EasyJet Holidays. The airline will also introduce a business rewards scheme in 2020.

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