easyJet To Ditch Welcoming Passengers With ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’

easyJet is set to remove any binary phrasing of gender such as ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ in an effort to be more inclusive and more politically correct.

You will no longer be offended by gender-specific phrases onboard easyJet. Photo: easyJet

What are the details?

Previously, when boarding an aircraft you might have been called sir or madam, or addressed by the cabin crew over the PA system as ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ as your in-flight service was discussed.

This has now become a thing of the past at easyJet, who has issued a move to its staff to refrain from mentioning any phrases that imply gender.

“We want our crew to be welcoming to everyone on board, so have provided some guidance to them on how best to do that in a way that is inclusive for everyone,” a spokesperson for the airline told CNN Travel, adding that the airline had not actually banned the phases, just encouraged staff not to use them.

This action was taken after a passenger reportedly complained that the airline had assumed their gender. Their argument is that ‘there are more than two genders’ and they felt the airline was not inclusive.

Liverpool Airport, Incident, Private Jet
It is believed at this time that a single passenger has complained. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Is this the first time someone has complained?

This is not actually the first complaint the airline has received about easyJet assuming someone’s gender. An online Twitter post went viral back in October when a passenger took issue with some of the phasings the airline used.

In reply, easyJet said that they “do not discriminate against any individual, passengers or staff members”.

Is easyJet the only airline to be dropping gender phrasing?

Surprisingly, easyJet is not the first airline to be dropping these phrases from their onboard announcements. Air Canada did so two months before.

Reportedly, they changed their ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ to ‘Everybody’ in an effort to ensure that no one felt unincluded.

Air Canada A220 Exterior
Air Canada has also been caught in the gender-specific crossfire and is making plans to change their language. Photo: Airbus
“We will be amending our onboard announcements to modernize them and remove specific references to gender,replied Air Canada to CNNWe work hard to make sure all employees feel like valued members of the Air Canada family, while ensuring our customers are comfortable and respected when they choose to travel with us.”
Air Canada, like easyJet, has not mentioned exactly when it will roll out these changes to its staff. After these two airlines, we can expect other airlines to follow. Overall, whilst some might question the effort that these airlines are going to be politically correct, you have to remember that they are taking action to ensure that no one feels left out. Which I think, in the spirit of Christmas, is a very nice idea.
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