Webinar: In Conversation With Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO

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Webinar: In Conversation With Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO

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A difficult year

25 years ago, easyJet was little more than an ambitious startup operating out of a shed to the north of London. With a vision of making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans, its two wet leased 737s flew from Luton to Scotland, bearing the airline’s only form of marketing – its telephone number painted in giant orange digits on the sides of the planes.

easyJet Boeing 737-200
easyJet has come a long way in 25 years. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

Over the next decade, easyJet acquired the airline that originally operated those wet lease Boeings, as well as British Airways’ attempt at a low-cost competitor. The fleet had blossomed to more than 100 aircraft, and it was fast becoming a truly pan-European airline, flying 400 routes across 27 countries.

Fast forward to 2020, and easyJet was ready to take its next step up the low-cost ladder. It was on course to break 100 million passengers for the first time, and was anticipating renewing and expanding its fleet of A320 family jets with shiny neo additions. But then, of course, COVID changed everything.

easyJet Southend
Despite the challenges of 2020, easyJet is looking ahead to a better future. Photo: Getty Images

Unshaken by the devastation of 2020, easyJet has entered 2021 fresh and defiant. While the operating environment remains difficult, to say the least, the airline is ready to fly as much as 90% of its fleet this summer, if the demand is there. 

While the future of easyJet is looking better by the day, it still has a way to go before we see it back at its pre covid strength. Regulatory hurdles, higher debt and lower fleet ownership mean it’s still an uphill struggle to get back to where it was. But this is an airline with strong leadership, not least its outspoken CEO Johan Lundgren.

Join us as we talk to easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren to uncover easyJet’s past, present and future through his eyes.

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