Edelweiss Resumes 2 Hour Airbus A340 Flights To Pristina

Edelweiss Air, the leisure airline of Lufthansa Group’s Swiss International Air Lines, is resuming widebody services to Kosovo this summer. The Airbus A340 aircraft will make a comeback on the Zurich-Pristina route three times weekly in July and August as a capacity upgrade for the A320.

Edelweiss A340
Airbus A340 aircraft will come back to Kosovo this summer. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia

Two-hour A340 flights from Zurich to Pristina to return

Swiss International Airlines is responding to high demand between Switzerland and Kosovo again by re-introducing widebody flights on its Zurich-Pristina route through its leisure airline, Edelweiss Air.

Edelweiss will operate its Airbus A340-300 between early July and late August this summer every Monday, Thursday, and Friday for this two-hour flight.

This three-weekly scheduling of the A340 on the route is a relatively low frequency; last summer Edelweiss operated widebodies from Zurich to Pristina as much as twice daily during the peak summer months. It is likely that the A340 will make an appearance in Kosovo more often than it is currently scheduled to.

Edelweiss’ Airbus A340 aircraft feature 314 seats in total, of which 27 are in Business Class, 75 are in Economy Max, and 211 are in standard Economy. Its Business Class seats are lie flat, and its Economy Max class offers 15 centimeters (five inches) more legroom than standard Economy.

Edelweiss Airbus A340
Edelweiss’ Airbus A340 aircraft have been landing in Pristina for years now. Photo: Getty images

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Flight timings

The Airbus A340 will be deployed on this two-hour flight as follows:

  • Flight WK402/LX8402 departing Zurich (ZRH) for Pristina (PRN) at 06:25, arriving at 08:25 on Mondays and Thursdays, and five minutes earlier on Fridays
  • Flight LX8403 is the sole code for the return service, departing PRN at 09:55 and arriving in ZRH at 11:55 on Mondays and Thursdays, and five minutes earlier on Fridays.

On Saturdays, Edelweiss is deploying its own Airbus A320 aircraft for this rotation. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays, SWISS is sending its own metal. There is also a second daily rotation on this route, in the evenings, every day, but no wide-body aircraft are scheduled to operate it (yet).

SWISS and Edelweiss will both deploy Airbus A320 aircraft between Zurich and Pristina. Photo: SWISS

Tickets for the outbound flight, from Zurich to Pristina, are on sale on SWISS’ and Edelweiss’ website, but tickets for the return leg from Pristina to Zurich are only on sale on SWISS’ website. It is standard practice for airlines operating in Kosovo to sell their tickets through tour operators and independent travel agents. This is also the case for Eurowings, which has a base in Pristina.

This means that a passenger traveling on this Edelweiss flight from Pristina to Zurich on Sundays will purchase their flights on the SWISS website, fly on a SWISS aircraft with SWISS’ crew, and even have a SWISS flight code printed on their ticket, but it will still be an Edelweiss flight.

Will you be flying on Edelweiss’s two-hour Airbus A340 services to Pristina this summer? Let us know what you think of this story in the comments below.