EgyptAir Ups London To Cairo Capacity In Response To British Airways Cancellations

After British Airways announced they were temporarily suspending service to Cairo, EgyptAir rushed in to fill the gap. By placing their shiny new Boeing 787-9 in service to London, EgyptAir is keen to get those passengers onboard their metal. This represents an increase in capacity amid security concerns in Egypt.

Egyptair 787
EgyptAir is using 787s to increase capacity to London amid British Airways cancellations. Photo: EgyptAir

British Airways temporary service reductions

Amid heightened security alerts, British Airways announced they were temporarily suspending operations to Cairo. The five-hour flight recently faced a downgrade in capacity from a Boeing 787 to an A321neo. Now, with a new security threat, British Airways has suspended operations for a seven day period.

British Airways Airbus A321neo London Cairo
British Airways was operating an Airbus A321neo between London and Cairo. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Lufthansa also canceled flights to Cairo, albeit for just one day. In addition to concerns from British agencies, the United States has also posted warnings about travel and flights to Egypt. However, it is important to note that British Airways canceled these flights out of an abundance of caution and not as a result of direction from a regulatory agency.

A capacity boost from EgyptAir

EgyptAir operates two daily flights to London-Heathrow. EgyptAir flies a Boeing 777 once daily to London. This is a regular aircraft for one of the two daily flights.

EgyptAir 777
EgyptAir flies a 777 regularly on one of two daily flights to London. Photo: EgyptAir

EgyptAir uses a Boeing 737 on their second daily flight to London. This aircraft is much smaller than a Boeing 777 or 787. For EgyptAir, this aircraft worked well as a way to increase capacity without oversaturating the market.

Egyptair 737
EgyptAir flies a 737 on one of two daily flights to London. Photo: EgyptAir

However, Flightglobal reports that EgyptAir flew the Boeing 787-9 to London as a way to temporarily increase capacity while British Airways suspends the route. The Boeing 787 is replacing the 737 that operated one of two daily flights. As MS779, the 787 operated flights from July 19th through July 21st. Currently, booking for MS779 this week is listed as a Boeing 737.


EgyptAir’s 787-9 is a big step up over their Boeing 737. However, currently, EgyptAir does not have any additional flights to London scheduled with Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Nevertheless, if British Airways does continue their suspension of service to Cairo, EgyptAir could return the Boeing 787-9 to London. Here is a look inside EgyptAir’s 787-9:

Time will tell how the situation in Cairo unfolds. Egypt has been working with the United Kingdom to come to a resolution on the matter. However, until British Airways finds security at Cairo to meet their standards, it is unlikely that they will resume service sooner than expected. Currently, British Airways has not extended its suspension of service to Cairo, and is set to resume flights on July 29th.

Were you supposed to fly British Airways to Cairo? Did you fly on EgyptAir’s Boeing 787 from London to Cairo? Let us know in the comments!