El Al To Establish Israel-Dubai Cargo Corridor


El Al is set to establish a new connection in the UAE. The Israeli airline will begin flights to the city of Dubai in less than two weeks’ time. The airline announced the move today following news of a peace accord between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

El Al 747
El Al will open a cargo corridor with Dubai this month. Photo: Getty Images

El Al’s cargo venture in the UAE

The development of a peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel last month was a historic occasion. On August 13th, the two nations agreed to create a working diplomatic relationship while the UAE formally normalized its relationship with Israel.

Since then, the agreement has proved an enabler for the two countries. Just three days ago, on Monday, El Al made history with a flight to Abu Dhabi on August 31st. It was the first commercial journey the airline had ever made into the UAE.

Following on from this success, El Al will now set up a cargo corridor between Israel and Dubai. It will be the first Israeli carrier to establish such a route to the city and UAE as a whole.

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How important is El Al’s new route?

Israeli media and officials in the country have been quick to remark on the economic benefits of the new peace accord. That’s because the agreement means the countries will work together on profitable and essential sectors, including tourism and agriculture.


El Al’s new cargo route will directly influence that. From September 16th, the wet leased Boeing 747 that will be used for cargo to Dubai will carry agricultural and tech products. These items will either remain in Dubai or be exported to surrounding countries.

From that first flight onwards, there will be one service per week between Israel and the UAE split over two days. The flight will leave Israel for Dubai on Wednesdays and make the return trip on Fridays. The first flight will operate from Belgium to Dubai; however, it is not clear if this route will continue for subsequent services.

Etihad with El Al in the background
The route will greatly benefit both countries. Photo: Getty Images

The choice of aircraft

El Al is deploying its 747-400 freighter in the air. According to FlightGlobal, this aircraft is wet leased from US-based Atlas Air and holds registration number N487MC. The airline is no stranger to the 747 as it has partnered with the type for nearly five decades.

El Al 747 close-up
The 747 is still in regular use by several carriers for cargo operations. Photo: Getty Images

According to its website, the airline says,

“Cargo transport can be carried out in the belly of EL AL’s passenger aircraft, on its nonstop flights to 35 destinations as well as on a dedicated 747-400F aircraft.”

The airline operates to destinations, including New York, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg, as well as throughout Europe. It will now be able to add Middle Eastern destinations to its list.

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