Elemento Economy – The Future Of Economy Class Seating?

Italian aircraft interiors supplier Geven has revealed its first product for its Next Generation family line. The seat, an economy class product, combines to deliver advanced ergonomics and lightweight construction, targeted at the long-haul economy flyer. Designed in partnership with UK design house PriestmanGoode, the product is the first of a family of seats the team will reveal in the coming months.

Geven elemento economy
The new seat promises more than your average economy class seat. Photo: Geven

Reinventing economy for the new generation

Economy class fliers are often neglected when it comes to new seating products. While there have been several innovations in this space, few really radical design changes make it onto the plane. But by sticking close to the original playbook and making it the same, but better, Geven has this week forged a path for the next iteration of the economy cabin.

Designed in partnership with well-known UK design house PriestmanGoode, Italian supplier Geven has unveiled Elemento economy – the first of a suite of new seating products set to enhance the long-haul flying experience. The seat combines functionality with clean and sculptural contours, giving a nod to the iconic heritage of Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Daniel MacInnes, Design Director at PriestmanGoode, commented on the seat reveal, saying,

“Geven’s knowledge and passion for pushing the development of the seat allowed us to integrate higher levels of quality and finishes and will enable them to become the new class leaders with this family of next-gen seats. We developed bespoke materials and finishes, and a new style direction, based on clean integrated lines.

“As aviation designers, it’s great to be working with Geven. We work with airlines and airframe manufacturers all over the world, so we know what it takes to customize a seat, we know what clients and passengers want and how we can add unique touches to a standard product to make it stand out. What we’ve created with this collaboration is a distinct product for Geven that will allow their clients to adapt and customize it easily to their own requirements. We’re delighted to see the first seat revealed.”

Geven elemento economy
Functional, architectural with that unique Italian touch. Photo: Geven

The ethos behind Elemento is to bring a product to market that delivers enhanced passenger comfort and more features. It is also highly customizable, giving airlines the opportunity to put their individual stamp on the cabin’s appearance.

What’s good about the seat?

To the naked eye, there’s not much new with the Elemento economy seat. But scratching the surface reveals some neat design touches that can make all the difference when you’re confined there for several hours at a time.

Geven elemento economy
The adjustable headrest provides support and privacy. Photo: Geven

The most obvious feature is the adjustable privacy headrest. This gives passengers more options for comfortable positioning, as well as increased head support and an element of privacy from their near neighbors. The company has also integrated its patented ‘Wave’ seat pan articulation system, which promises advanced ergonomic attributes and a more comfortable seating position.

Geven elemento economy
Integrated lighting and a universal device holder make finding a place for everything even easier. Photo: Geven

The tray table has its own integrated lighting, letting passengers easily read a book or work at their seat, no matter what phase of flight they are in. Also on the back of the seat are adjustable holders for electronic devices, designed to accommodate everything from the smallest smartphone to the largest tablet – ideal for those BYOD situations. The tray table itself can either be fully deployed for meal service and work, or kept as a ‘cocktail table’ to give passengers a place to store their drink without encroaching on their personal space.

Geven elemento economy
There’s even a place for your water bottle. Photo: Geven

The company is focused on the future, designing Elemento to be among the most lightweight economy class seats. The firm says that sustainability was also a key driver in the selection of finishes for the seat, with natural metal chosen for a more environmentally conscious approach.

Pasquale Rapullini, Research and Development Manager at Geven, noted,

“We started this project with the aim to create the next generation passenger experience. The new family line embodies a strong emphasis on all those elements that make Italian style highly recognized all around the world.”

Elemento economy is the first of a new line of next-generation aircraft seats from Geven. The company plans to reveal premium, premium plus and business class seats later this year. All products are modular and designed to be suitable for both narrowbody and widebody applications.