Embraer Has Delivered 16 Commercial Jets So Far In 2020

Brazilian planemaker Embraer announced the results of its third quarter, highlighting that it delivered a total of 28 jets during the timeframe. Of course, it’s a little less impressive when you see how the aircraft types break down, with just 21 of the 28 jets being executive aircraft. The remaining seven aircraft were larger commercial jets – making a total of 16 commercial jets delivered this year. With that being said, it’s a far better result than logging cancelations and negative numbers. Let’s dive deeper into Embraer’s third quarter and its performance thus far in 2020.

Embraer E195-E2
The Embraer E2 family of jets is the company’s latest offering and thus far has a combined firm order backlog of 151 between the E190 and E195 jets. Photo: Embraer

Embraer’s commercial deliveries in 2020

As stated above, just 16 Embraer commercial aircraft have been delivered since the year began. The orders break down to the following types and quantities:

  • E175: Six of these aircraft were delivered in the third quarter, making a total of 11 delivered in 2020.
  • E190: One of these jets was delivered in the third quarter, making it the only delivery in 2020.
  • E190-E2: The newer generation of E190 jet saw no deliveries in the third quarter, but three have gone to customers so far in 2020 in previous months.
  • E195-E2: No E195-E2 jets were delivered in the third quarter – keeping the 2020 deliveries of this jet at just one.
Embraer’s E-Jet family of aircraft are staples of regional airlines around the world. Photo: KLM

Embraer’s third-quarter activity

As our main focus is commercial aviation, let’s focus on this part of Embraer’s operations. The aircraft manufacturer secured a commitment from Helvetic Airways to convert four of the airline’s E190-E2 jets to the larger E195-E2. Originally in September 2018, the Swiss regional airline had ordered 12 E190-E2s along with purchase rights for a further 12 and conversion rights to the E195-E2.

To date, Embraer has delivered five E190-E2s to Helvetic Airways. Embraer says that all deliveries of the remaining seven aircraft, including the four E195-E2s, will take place before the end of 2021.
Embraer 1600th EJet
The 1600th E-Jet went to Swiss regional airline Helvetic Airways. Photo: Embraer

In addition, during the third-quarter, Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways took delivery of and started operations with two first-generation E195 aircraft. The two Embraer E195 jets were acquired by Bamboo from Danish regional outfit Great Dane Airlines, based in the northern Danish city of Aalborg.

These leased aircraft will be with Bamboo for at least six months, flying domestic routes in Vietnam. Commenting on the entry into service, Mr. Dang Tat Thang – Executive Vice Chairman of Bamboo Airways, said,

“Bamboo Airways is proud to offer jet-operated flights to Con Dao with the E195s. The aircraft’s short runway performance makes it an ideal aircraft for flights to and from Con Dao. The two by two seating will offer our passengers a high level of comfort in a modern, spacious aircraft, including the one-of-its-kind Business Class on the route to Con Dao.”

Bamboo Airways, Vietnam, Embraer E195
Bamboo Airways has begun operations of its Embraer E195 aircraft. Photo: Embraer

A quiet quarter

Unsurprisingly, it’s been a quiet quarter (and year) for Embraer due to current events of the global health crisis. Despite this, the planemaker is holding on to a firm order backlog of 307 for its line of E-Jets (both generations) as of September 30th.

As far as airlines waiting to take large deliveries of jets – US airline Republic Airlines has a backlog of 100 E175 jets while SkyWest is waiting for 24 of the same type.

Irish aircraft lessor Aercap is waiting for 40 E195-E2s while Nigeria’s Air Peace is waiting for 13. American aircraft lessor Aircastle is waiting for 23 of the jets, with 11 of these going to KLM next year. Then, of course, there’s the largest E2 customer, Brazil’s Azul, who is waiting for 51 E195-E2s.

What do you think of Embraer’s third-quarter performance? Do you think its situation will improve in this final quarter or get worse? Let us know in the comments.