Who Are Embraer’s Biggest Customers?


Embraer is currently the third-largest commercial aircraft builder in the world. For years it went toe to toe with Canadian Bombardier, but the latter decided to sell its assets in the commercial market. But who are the biggest operators and customers worldwide from Embraer?

Embraer E195 by Embraer
Who is the biggest operator of Embraer? Photo: Embraer

How many commercial Embraers are out there?

There have been 1,579 Embraer 170/175/190/195 deliveries worldwide, according to Embraer. Also, there are 546 Embraer ERJ 135/140/145 currently operating worldwide, according to the World Airliner Census of 2019, made by FlightGlobal.

Let’s take into account that some of these numbers may have changed over the last months. Over the last few months, Embraer signed a contract for 20 E175 jets with SkyWest. Congo Airways also signed an order for two E175 jets; CIAF Leasings order three E190 and Air Peace ordered three additional E195-E2 jets.

Additionally, KLM Cityhopper signed a firm order for 21 E195-E2 aircraft plus 14 purchase rights at the end of last year. Also, Azul increased its E195-E2 order by 50%.

The Embraer 175 is the best seller of the Brazilian manufacturer. It had over 595 in 2019. After it, the Embraer 190 had 495 and the ERJ-145 had 422. Both the E170 and the E195 had 160 aircraft in operation, followed by EMB-110 with 42 and the ERJ135 with 41.

Finally, the E195-E2 currently had seven deliveries at the end of 2019 with two main operators: Azul Linhas Aereas in Brazil and Binter Canarias in Spain. The E190-E2 had 11 deliveries and a firm order backlog of 16 aircraft.

The newest aircraft of Embraer is the E195-E2. Photo: Matti Blume via Wikimedia

So, who are the biggest operators?

According to Embraer, SkyWest airlines is currently the biggest operator of one type of Embraer aircraft. It had 156 E175 jets at the end of last year. It also had a backlog of 26 more aircraft.

But Republic Airlines is surpassing SkyWest at some point in the future. The American airline has a firm order for 217 E175 jets and currently has received 117. United Airlines has a firm order of 110 and 90 currently on its fleet. American Airlines also has 90 of 104 on its fleet.

Republic Airlines is also the biggest operator of the E170 with 48 aircraft. Of this family, US Airways was one of the biggest operators of the fleet with 28. Japan Airlines currently has 18 and Saudi Arabian Airlines had 15 before retiring its fleet.


Of the E190, the Brazilian company only has a backlog of four aircraft remaining. Its biggest operators are JetBlue with 64, Hainan Airlines with 50, Aeromexico with 47, and Air Canada with 45.

Azul is the biggest operator of the E195 with 59 aircraft received. Lufthansa has 34,  Hainan has 20 and Flybe had 14 before it ceased its operations. Finally, of the two newest airplanes of Embraer, Helvetic will be the biggest operator of the E190-E2 with 12 firm orders. Azul will be the biggest operator of the E195-E2 with 75.

SkyWest is one of the biggest operators of Embraer. In the picture, an EMB-120 back in 2013. Photo: Famartin via Wikimedia.

What about the rest of Embraer airplanes?

Embraer is not longer counting the EMB-110, EMB-120, ERJ135, ERJ-140, and ERJ145 in its details.

Taking into account the census made by FlightGlobal between 30 July and 5 August 2019, ExpressJetAirlines (United Express) is the biggest operator of any of this aircraft. It has 98 ERJ-145.

Piedmont Airlines has 60 ERJ-145 aircraft, Envoy Air has 58, Trans States Airlines has 46 and CommutAir has 33.

Of the EMB-120, Ameriflight is the biggest operator with 12. Swiftair has 10, and InterCaribbean Airways has nine. Envoy Air is the biggest operator of the ERJ-140 with 51; Wiggins Airways is the biggest operator of the EMB-110 with seven and Airlink has the biggest fleet of the ERJ-135 with 13.

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