The Embraer E2 Is A Game Changer For Regional Aviation

You may have noticed that, recently, Embraer’s E175-E2 took its first flight. The aircraft is part of a whole new generation of Embraer products and is famous for the special liveries which the company places on its demonstrators.

Embraer, E2, Profit Hunter
The E2 is a game-changer for regional aviation. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The Brazillian aerospace company recently invited Simple Flying to tour its “Profit Hunter Tech Lion”  demonstrator in Dubai. We believe that the aircraft is a gamechanger for regional aviation. In fact, each variant of the E2 has its own wing design, while the whole Airbus A320 family shares a common wing design. Let’s take a further look at why the aircraft is a gamechanger.

Passenger experience

The Embraer E2 series has a 2-2 layout in the cabin. This means that every single passenger, regardless of how much they have paid for their seat, will get a window or an aisle seat. After all, there is no middle seat.

Embraer, E2, Profit Hunter
The surprisingly spacious cabin has a 2-2 layout. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Embraer offers customers several basic cabin configurations, and Simple Flying was able to test out each one onboard the tech-lion. At the front of the aircraft was business class seating. Unlike traditional seating, these seats are staggered. This means that passengers can have the utmost privacy on even the shortest of hops while enjoying 54-inches of pitch.

Embraer, E2, Profit Hunter
The business seats are staggered. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Moving slightly further back is the regular 2-2 seating with varying pitches, ranging from just 29 inches to a comfy 35 inches. Due to the design of the seating, even in the 29 inch part of the cabin, my 6-foot 3-inch body had no worries with legroom.

Embraer, E2, Profit Hunter
Even the tightest seats have ample legroom. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Additionally, despite my height, I have no issues standing up straight onboard the E195-E2. Without seriously compromising height either side, Embraer has also carefully inserted the overhead lockers allowing each to take 4 IATA standard cabin bags.

Embraer, E2, Profit Hunter
Each overhead bin holds four suitcases. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

More passengers, fewer emissions

In addition to improving the experience for the passenger, he E2 series of aircraft brings some great benefits for airlines. This is primarily down the fact that the aircraft will take more passengers, while simultaneously cutting fuel usage and emissions. Let us take KLM as a case study:

KLM currently operates a fleet of 49 Embraer aircraft in its Cityhopper fleet according to This includes 32 of Embraer’s E190s. However, the airline has placed an order for 21 Embraer 195-E2 aircraft, with options for 14 more.

Cityhopper E2
KLM is expecting E2s for its Cityhopper subsidiary. Photo: Embraer

Speaking about the improved efficiency, the airline advises that the E195-E2 will carry 32 passengers more than the E190. However, it gets better! While carrying 32% more passengers, the aircraft also uses 9% less fuel, while also achieving a 31% drop in CO2 emissions. Finally, the aircraft also emits 41% less noise.

Do you agree that the E2 series is a gamechanger for regional aviation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!