Emirates To Add 11 Airbus A380 Destinations In The Next 2 Months

Dubai-based carrier Emirates will add 11 Airbus A380 destinations to its growing network by the end of November. The airline hopes to send the giant of the skies to 27 destinations, up 65% from the 16 currently served by the carrier. The aircraft will be added to both leisure and business-focused routes.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Dubai
Emirates is hoping to serve 27 destinations with the A380 before December. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Emirates is the odd one out when it comes to Airbus A380 operations. While most airlines have scrapped their jets or are keeping them grounded for the time being, Emirates is pushing ahead with the giant’s return to service. More than a quarter of the airline’s 119 aircraft fleet is now operational once more.

11 Airbus A380 routes planned

With stability and demand gradually returning to the aviation industry, Emirates is starting to plan slightly further afield when it comes to the return of its Airbus A380 fleet. Over the coming two months, many destinations will see a return of the giant, while some will even see it for the first time.

The A380 network increase will be kicked off by Istanbul on October 1st. This is a special route as it isn’t just new to Emirate’s giant. It will actually be the first time a passenger Airbus A380 flight has been operated to Turkey, let alone Istanbul. Unfortunately, Emirates can’t claim the first A380 flight to Turkey, as Hi Fly’s charter aircraft flew to Istanbul for a technical stop shortly before its retirement.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Destinations
The 27 destinations that are planned for the Airbus A380 by November. Photo: Cirium

The other ten destinations set to begin welcoming the giant of the skies in the next two months are,

  • Amsterdam – the Netherlands
  • Dusseldorf – Germany
  • Hamburg – Germany
  • Johannesburg – South Africa
  • Madrid – Spain
  • Milan – Italy
  • Riyadh – Saudi Arabia (subject to government approvals)
  • Sao Paulo – Brazil
  • Zurich – Switzerland

Good news for the Airbus A380 fleet

The increase in the Airbus A380 network is undoubtedly good news for the fleet of giants. With every route that is (re)launched with the jet and every additional frequency added, more aircraft must be withdrawn from service.

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According to the latest data from ch-aviation.com, 36 of the airline’s Airbus A380 jets are currently active. Towards the start of the year, Emirates’ President Tim Clark revealed ambitions to get the entire A380 fleet operational by the end of the year. It seems that this may have been a tad overambitious. Today the airline revealed that it is hoping to have “more than 50” Airbus A380s flying by the end of the year.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Deliveries
The airline is taking its last three Airbus A380s early for their premium economy cabin. Photo: Emirates

This will include some new additions to the fleet. Emirates is waiting for the delivery of the last three Airbus A380 aircraft ever to be built. These were due to be delivered in 2022, but Emirates moved their delivery forwards to November. The deliveries have been moved forwards to allow the airline to increase its premium economy fleet. With these aircraft coming with the cabin anyway, it makes sense to take them earlier rather than paying more to retrofit older aircraft.

Are you pleased to see any of the returning Airbus A380 destinations? Let us know what you think and why in the comments.