Emirates To Upgrade Business Class On The Boeing 777X

As Dubai based Emirates Airline’s first Boeing 777X is nearing completion at Boeing’s factory in Everett, Washington we are now hearing about upgrades to the aircraft’s business class.

Emirates CEO Tim Clark has been the driving force behind Emirates order for a 150 of the new jets that the 69-year-old boss calls an “absolute peach” due to its roominess and fuel efficiency.

When being interviewed for the Emirates Airline podcast, Clark said that the airline was introducing a new business class concept for its fleet of 777-9 and 777-8 based around its flagship A380.


Emirates to use the same business class seat as the A380 for the 777X. Photo: Emirates Airline

Passengers should not expect a slimmed-down version of Emirates iconic A380 cocktail bar, as it will not be included on the new aircraft.

“There will be a new Business Class seat, which is basically the same as we have on the A380,” – Sir Tim Clark.

Emirates’ Airbus A380 business class will be used on the Boeing 777X

Compared to the 2-2-2 and 2-3-2 seat configurations, we find in Emirates 777 business class the new 777X will adopt what is becoming an industry standard 1-2-1 that ensures every passenger has direct aisle access.

The new seats also come with their own mini-bar and what Clark calls a “spectacular” in-flight entertainment system.

Emirates Airlines new business class
Emirates Boeing 777-200LR business class. Photo: Emirates Airline

While there won’t be a bar on the 777X, “there will be a small comfort area in the middle of the business class cabin” according to Clark.

We assume that this will be similar to the stand-up space on Emirates refurbished 777-200ERs where they have a place for self-service snacks and drinks.

Middle seats in first class will have virtual windows

In first class, the Boeing 777X will have half a dozen fully enclosed suites just like the latest Boeing 777-300ERs that feature virtual windows in the middle seats with a video feed from outside the plane.

When asked about the new first class suites by Executive Traveller, Clark said:  “They’ve proved to be hugely popular and successful.”

premium economy emierates
Could this be Emirates new premium economy seat? Photo: HAECO

The new Emirates 777X aircraft will also see the debut of a newly designed premium economy seat which will be located in its own cabin, together with upgraded food and drink offerings. The new seat is designed to cradle the legs and be able to recline a full 10 inches similar to the seats you often find on long-distance railway journeys.

When will the first Boeing 777X be delivered to Emirates?

When asked about when he expects to pick up the keys for the new plane, Clark said: “It is contracted to come to us in mid-2020.”

Emirate Airline Boeing 777X
Sir Tim Clack thinks the 777X will not be delivered on time. Photo: Boeing

Sir Tim is under no illusion that the plane will be delivered on time, given Boeing’s current problems with the 737 MAX and engine issues with the 777X which suggest its earliest delivery the end of 2020 rather than the middle.

Arabian Business says Sir Tim was asked at a media briefing in Dubai last week if he thought that Emirates first 777X would be delivered on time to which the Emirates CEO said: “I would strongly suggest that it won’t.”