The Story Of The Emirates Airbus A380 Bar

Emirates is the largest operator of the Airbus A380. The Dubai-based carrier holds well over 100 units of the superjumbo and has still been taking deliveries in recent times. One of the features synonymous with the airline and its A380s is the onboard lounge found at the upper deck, equipped with a horseshoe bar.

A380 Bar Emirates
The Emirates Airbus A380 is a focus point of the upper deck lounge. Photo: Aim Altitude

Standing out

The airline’s A380 exemplifies class. The onboard lounge in the business class cabin can be used by both first and business class customers. Altogether, Emirates is looking to give passengers the feeling that they are in their own executive club with the offering. Thus, the social area and bar are placed at the front of the upper deck.

AIM Altitude, which is part of AVIC Cabin Systems (ACS), helped develop the upper deck of the A380. The group worked alongside designers Pierrejean Design Studios on the project.  The famous bar was first implemented by AIM in 2008. However, despite only being in action for 18 years, the Airbus A380’s cabin has gone through several revamps.

Emirates Airbus A380 Bar
Guests enjoying the bar in 2008. Photo: Emirates

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Quick evolutions

A notable overhaul of the bar was in 2017, when it was modernized with a lighter approach. Passengers would have noticed more social seating layouts. The seats were designed to represent those in private yacht cabins. Moreover, an Automated Lighting Dimmer (ALD) was introduced to create a moody effect. Other additions include a revised ivory palette and wood grain accents across the new lounge and bar.

AIM Altitude VP and general manager Neil Taggart spoke about the evolution of the interior, along with the bar. Notably, the cabin has left its mark on the industry in less than two decades.

“The A380 interior has seen many iterations over the years, with a major refresh occurring for the 100th ship set,” Taggart shared, as reported by Arabian Aerospace.

“This long and continuous association with Emirates is evidence that the design of the A380’s lounge bar has reached classic status whilst retaining its freshness and continuing appeal to passengers. The synergy between design and aircraft has proved quite remarkable.”

Emirates, Airbus A380, Dubai Air Show
The bar has gone through noticeable choices over the years. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Sought after

The lounge can fit up to 26 passengers at a time, with eight people seated. These guests can indulge in gourmet canapés while drinking glasses of handpicked wines and limited edition fine spirits. Moreover, the bartender even prepares signature cocktails for those on board.

Emirates A380 Bar
It’s a classy experience across the deck. Photo: Aim Altitude

So, it’s no surprise why several passengers flying with Emirates double-check to see if their flight is on an A380. This widebody is rapidly disappearing from the skies, and Emirates currently has most of its units parked. Nonetheless, the Middle Eastern carrier just recently introduced a new A380 into service and will take additional units heading into 2022. Therefore, there will still be plenty of time to experience the bar this decade.

What are your thoughts about the Airbus A380 bar? What has your experience been like if you have tried it out? Let us know what you think in the comment section.