Emirates A380 Crew Confused By Gate Allocation In Toronto

Parking the colossal Airbus A380 is a precise job, and the superjumbo can only fly to certain airports owing to its size. Even then, the allocation of a large enough gate is paramount. You can never be too careful with such matters, and this recently led to confusion in Toronto after an Emirates Airbus A380 touched down.

Emirates A380
Emirates’ Airbus A380s are frequent visitors to Toronto. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

The flight in question

Emirates flight EK241 is a regular service from the airline’s hub at Dubai International Airport (DXB). Its destination is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, namely Toronto Pearson International (YYZ). According to RadarBox.com, Emirates operates flight EK241 five times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The flight has a scheduled duration of 14 hours, with an 08:00 local time departure from Dubai. After an extensive journey across the Middle East, Europe, and the Atlantic Ocean, flight EK241 should touch down in Toronto at 14:00. Emirates doesn’t have a monopoly on this route, as Canadian flag carrier Air Canada also flies directly from Dubai to Toronto.

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EK241 Flightpath
The scheduled journey time from Dubai to Toronto is 14 hours. Image: RadarBox.com

Confusion after landing

After a long journey over from Dubai, crews operating flight EK241 will likely want to park their A380 quickly to get some well-earned rest. However, as a recording shared on YouTube channel VASAviation shows, a recent iteration of the flight had to wait a little longer. The cause for the delay was confusion over the suitability of the allocated gate.

As heard in the video above, EK241 received directions to gate C34 on the day in question. Although, as aeroTELEGRAPH reports, Emirates has been flying the A380 to Toronto for months, such an allocation is unusual. The suitability of the taxiways leading to the gate also came into question. Indeed, one of the flight’s pilots explained to air traffic control that:

My paperwork shows that the taxiways in that direction are all red for us, not approved. The C gate is not approved for us. We’re going to need a follow-me [and] wing walkers if you want us to park over there.”

Emirates, Airbus A380, Capacity
Paperwork suggested that the allocated gate was unsuitable. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

A tense stand-off followed, with the A380 applying its brakes until ATC could give answers. After being handed over to the apron’s frequency, it became clear that it would be safe to park at the C gates after all. This is because the full gate name was, in fact, C34A, which the apron frequency explained is suitable for the A380 if neither of the adjacent ones are in use.

Congestion caused the different allocation

Those familiar with the layout of Toronto Pearson International Airport will know that Emirates uses YYZ’s Terminal 1. However, the C gates are part of Terminal 3. This begs the question as to why the A380 was sent there, even with C34A being a suitable gate for the superjumbo. The decision was a result of congestion, with the apron explaining:

They did want us to have you guys over there as well, and I think they’re just doing that because of congestion for international arrivals.”

Simple Flying has contacted Emirates for further information regarding this occurrence.

What do you make of this occurrence? Have you ever come across similar confusion regarding a gate allocation? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.