Emirates Displays Airbus A380 In Flypast Just 1000ft High!

Dubai based Emirates spectacularly opened the 2019 Dubai Airshow by flying an Airbus A380 just 1,000 ft above the ground. To mark the opening of this year’s Dubai Airshow, the double-decker airliner was accompanied by military aircraft and the nation’s Al Fursan display team.

Before the A380s arrival, spectators were treated to a display of three Chinook, three Black Hawk, and three Apache helicopters.

Emirates A380 and the Fursan display team. Photo: Emirates

When the flagship A380 arrived it was followed closely by the Fursan display team flying their Aermacchi MB-339A trainers in an arrow formation.

Tucked in behind the Italian built trainers was an A330 MRTT aerial refueling tanker aircraft, four F-16 Fighting Falcons, one Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft, and four Mirage 2000 single-engine jet fighters.

All 27 of the planes made their flyby 1,000 feet above the ground past the Dubai World Centre (DWC) runway.

The Emirates A380 was painted to promote Expo 2020

Emblazoned with a special green livery to represent the sustainability theme at this year’s Expo 2020 the aircraft flew past the crowds at 250 knots with the Fursan display teams aircraft producing their signature smoke trails.

As you can see in the above image the smoke trails represent the red, black and green colors of the United Arab Emirates.

Designed as being a statement to the UAE’s advancements in civil and military aviation the A380s flypast and accompaniment was certainly a colorful way to start the event

The flypast took special planning

In the cockpit of the Emirates A380 were Captain Abbas Shaban, Captain Patrick De-Roeck and First Officer Colin Campbell. While appearing as though it was just an everyday event, the procession and timing of the flypast involved meticulous planning by all aircraft that were taking part.

The three-man team that flew the A380 on the flypast. Photo: Emirates

If you think about it, the airport authorities, UAE military, Emirates pilots and the counties, air traffic controllers all had to work in unison to pull it off.

First in the air was the Emirates A380 from its hub at Dubai International Airport (DXB) to establish a holding pattern to the east of the Dubai World Centre.

Next to arrive were the seven members of the Dubai Air Force Al Fursan display team and the rest of the flypast. Once all members of the flypast were in position the event occurred right on schedule at 14:00 hours Dubai time.

Simple Flying has reporters at the Dubai Airshow

Of all the airlines flying the passenger favorite Airbus A380, Emirates is by far the largest operator. The Dubai airline has 113 A380s in its fleet. The Dubai Airshow runs from the 17th until the 21st of November and has over 1,300 exhibitors displaying their wares.

Simple Flying has reporters at the Dubai Airshow. Photo: Emirates

Highlights at this year’s show include Fiji Airways A350-900, Salam Air’s A320neo and EGYPTAIR’s A220-300 the newest single-aisle jet from Airbus.

Boeing meanwhile plans to focus on safety, innovation and partnerships as it looks to regain trust following two deadly 737 MAX crashes that have grounded the aircraft since March.

Simple Flying has several reporters at the Dubai Airshow who are there to interview several airline CEO’s and keep you up to date with all the breaking news.