Emirates Grounds 20+ Airbus A380s


The growing impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has forced Emirates to ground over 20 of its Airbus A380 aircraft. This is a result of low demand for travel amid the pandemic.

Emirates a380 getty images
There will be fewer Airbus A380 planes taking off for Emirates while flight demand remains low due to the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Getty Images

Important customer

Bloomberg reports that the UAE-based carrier is also planning to ground more of its jets. Altogether, the airline operates 115 A380s and 115 Boeing 777s, and much of these units will be redundant in the coming months.

In addition to the groundings, the A380’s largest customer is also looking to slow down the last few deliveries of its incoming units. The firm is planning to take eight more of the double-deckers but is discussing the timing of the arrivals with Airbus.


At the time of writing, there are over 70,600 confirmed active novel coronavirus cases across the world and numbers are starting to grow rapidly across continents outside of Asia. Authorities are still reviewing the best practice when it comes to handling the ever-changing situation.

Emirates A380 bar
With so much space on board, there isn’t much of a requirement for airlines to operate many of their A380 aircraft in the current climate. Photo: Getty Images

Restrictions in place

Emirates prides itself on connecting travelers in all directions from its hub in Dubai. There was already a natural drop in demand due to passenger fears of coronavirus. However, governmental suspensions and travel bans are becoming more common, forcing airlines to ground much of their fleet.

Along with the existing restrictions in place with regards to the epicenters of China and Italy, several countries are expanding suspensions across Europe.


Additionally, Saudi Arabia has banned flights to and from 39 countries, including all EU and Gulf nations. Kuwait has suspended all commercial flights indefinitely. This is traffic that Emirates usually heavily relies on daily.

Altogether, the aviation industry has been rocked by the outbreak. This has also no doubt had an impact on the lives of numerous passengers who rely on air travel for both personal and business needs.

Emirates A380
Emirates operates the largest fleet of A380 jets in the world. Photo: Getty Images

Considerable impact

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airline passenger revenues could drop as much as US$113 billion this year if the virus continues to spread.


The group understands why restrictions have to be put in place but recognizes that these measures can be detrimental if they continue unnecessarily. Perhaps if the situation continues into the year, authorities and airlines will need to work together to implement firm but balanced solutions.

Local economies that rely heavily on tourism and intentional business will also be hoping that the mood shifts in the coming months to reduce the negative impact.

What are your thoughts on airlines continuing to ground aircraft due to the coronavirus outbreak? Are you one of the passengers affected by flight cancellations? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Simple Flying reached out to Emirates for comment on its aircraft groundings but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.


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David Cairns

I could be affected as I’m presently in Thailand and expected to fly out with Lufthansa Airlines in a A380 to Frankfurt, then Vancouver. The date is the 20th. March and I’m worried because my Thai Visa ends on that date. I have 3 days in Frankfurt and so far it seems to be fairly calm in Germany? Time will tell, keeping my fingers crossed.


Emirates should’ve made a “deal” with Airbus or Boeing on which how many of each manufacturer’s aircraft would be grounded. In the case of Airbus, incentives on delaying delivery of the last A380’s. In the case of Boeing, further price concessions.

As they say in Chicago, “Never let a crisis go to waste!”

Lucy Healy

I’m due to fly from Manchester UK to dubai on 1st April? Will this still go ahead? Thanks

Phil T

MAN – DXB three flights a day. Came back on 10 th March BKK – DXB – MAN and quite a few empty seats on MAN leg. Not disastrous yet but unsustainble if situation worsens. Love Emirates too.

Syed Abdul Wajid

Flights cancelled

Simon Coombs

Can we have an article please on what happens when you put aircraft into storage. Presumably, it has to be kept in a certain condition to enable it to fly again at short notice. There must be a huge cost to the airlines in grounding all these aircraft.

Chris W

I’m booked on Emirates in September, flying from Auckland to Istanbul and returning from Casablanca in October. The uncertainty of this whole situation is such that I have no idea if I’ll be going or not.

Ron and Anne Harrold.

We are in our mid seventies and paid for 2 return airfares to Amsterdam for July. We are faced with not getting a refund from Emirates. This could be our last overseas flights because of our age. No one is to blame for this health crisis but it would be nice to receive some compassion from a large airline. We are aged pensioners.

Mr temple

Hi me and my wife are due to travel to Australia from dubai in three weeks to see her dad she has never seen him in 53 years do you think we will get there many thanks


I am booked with Emirates to fly to Nairobi end of April due to rtn to Aiatrali a early June. What worries me is the return to Australia. Will I be able to get home

Dora Howie

I am in Thailand due to fly to Dubai then Uk on 29 March. Flight has been changed by 1 hour and now B777 instead of 380. My visa expires at midnight that day.

Ali Ewais

Wgich the biggest mistake of this Airline company 115 plane

Ray ( Chick ) Dimmack

I am booked on an A380 from Perth West Australia to Birmingham England at the end of May and am wondering if I will still be able to go? Will the airline notify me of any changes to my flight?

Regards Ray Dimmack.

Andrew Lees

Am in Philippines at moment in cebu,my flight is from manila back to England on March 28th ,but there is travel restrictions in place no way of getting
to manila,am trying to get back from cebu to England but I have not managed to change my flight yet with Emirates, they were asking approximately £260 to do,I do not have my credit cards or bank cards to pay,I paid already my flights and hotels,I don’t know what is going to happen, my stay is up on the 30th March.

Ester Esterhuizen

It’s a shock to me. Because when I want to leave the country I use Emirates to travel home.I also got my ticket to fly out home it’s scary time the world health said it’s just the flu don’t panic wash your hands so easy.


How is the cancellation of international flights affecting domestic connecting flights. Can we get refunds for those domestic flights.

Henry mc guinness

Im due to fly to Dubai next sat the 21st march and then on to Dublin Ireland,! Dont know if i will be affected by covid 19. Its hard to get information. On flights.


I m due to fly on Qatar to Berlin in mid August, if I have to cancel that’s what it is however Once this is all over Auckland will be poorly connected and likelyhood that Europe airfares will surpass 4k for economy class due to reduced demand and competition and more stops. Going to Europe via Dubai and Doha has been great as you can get into your final destination with one transit this could possibly all become history.


I bet HiFly is regretting buying that A380.


Can not get to work due to all the restrictions and effects personal household and the whole world is crazy because of this!

Khozema Thasrawala

Emirates deducted cancelling charges on my journey to Munich due to corona virus pademic


I am a pilot with Air Canada. I hope to see airlines recover soon from loses. This is like a nightmare happening. Please keep me up dated on the airlines business.

Isabel Ruela

Yes i have booked flight via Dubai to London on 26th March and don’t know what is happening whether the flight will be cancelled and if so how will we as passengers will be accommodated. Will we be allowed to reschedule our travel date at no extra charge?

Alan Jelley

I’m in India and due to fly back to UK Wednesday with Emirates. No negative information, so hopefully my plan of checking daily and turning up for my flights unless told otherwise will see me getting home ok.


I’m due to go away on 30.3 with family to Mauritius. However am I going to be allowed to get connecting flight etc as believe not issuing visas and transit visas?


Just returned from Thailand. Had a flight with Etihad from KL to Barcelona, to change the date Etihad wanted the price of my original return ticket! I booked with Emirates one way, 2nd leg of journey i had a row of 4 seats to myself, very few people on board. Why do airlines feel they need to charge such excessive charges.

Denise King

Hi,my daughters were due to fly to Australia on the 25th March to visit their sister for 2 weeks. Now due to the self isolation for 2 weeks when arriving in Oz it’s really not worth them going. Will they get their money refunded on their flights please?


can l fly to Dublin


The airbus A380 might be the saving of airlines that fly them if a requirement of personal space between passengers becomes necessary to prevent spread of the virus, seats can be filled to maintain spacing between passengers.

Kathy Nuttall

I am travelling with Emirates from Manchester to Dubai then on to Mauritius on the 4th April 2020.
Do you thin I will still be able to travel?

Joseph karakunnel

I am booked to fly Emirates on may 26 from FLL to COK. Do I get a voucher or i can change the date only. Did not see anything about this from Emirates. Qatar has already said that a voucher can be given.

Haresh Shivdasani

This is natural calamity sent by God HE is going to find solutions do not panic difficulty is there but can not be so long once summer starts virus can not sustain in hot season have faith in God and in aviation industry all psgrs booked are going to reach destinations. You accept one thing that u have opted to travel on bussiness pleasure or meeting family but this sudden which no one predicted do not worry accept what God has sent you

Joseph karakunnel

I am booked on Emirates to fly on may 26 from FLL to COK. as I am 83 and my wife 79 we are not planning to fly on this day. Do I get a refund or change the date with out any change fee or the difference in rate. Can I get a voucher?


Myself and Husband are due to fly from London Heathrow to Auckland 26th March for a family wedding! Do you think we will still be able to fly we will self isolate in their home and return beginning of may providing we can change our flights…… please help


Myself and Husband are due to fly from London Heathrow to Auckland 26th March for a family wedding! Do you think we will still be able to fly we will self isolate in their home and return beginning of may providing we can change our flights…… please help


I am flying on the 23rd of this month to Australia for 3 wks with emirates. I decided i am not going anymore and i don’t have dates to when i will be able to go again. I just wish that the airline will give us the voucher of the amount I paid for the flight if they won’t give a refund to give more flexebility to people affected with this.

Lynn cunliffe

We have flights booked to India next week India is refusing entry to new tourist visas can we be compensated d we are getting no information from anyone


Booked to fly brisbane to manchester 29th may. Havent seen my 85 year old mum for 2 years. Heres hoping I can still travel

Gail camm

Booked a package with racing breaks to go to Dubai Mayden World Cup , flying Emirates
The clue is in the name racing breaks ! But the race is now going to be non spectators .
We look like getting ticket money back but not flight or hotel so being forced to go now or loose a lot of money .
Anyone got any advice about our rights to a full refund

Siew Heng Ho

I am supposed to fly with Emirates on 9th April but there are travelling restrictions between Denmark and Malaysia now, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Can I get some refunds or postpone my trip to Malaysia until further notice?
My health and the health of my loved ones and others are more important than the travelling. Please kindly advise regarding this very critical situation. Thanks and blessings


We are due to fly from New Zealand in the 26th March to the UK Manchester
We are stopping in Bali and Dubai for several hours I am very concerned of what our options are.
I do have options to stay in New Zealand where I do feel safer as the virus is escalating everywhere. I’m hearing we could be put into quarantine if we travel
Any help would be very much appreciated

Graham Brookes

Will our flight from New Zealand to the Uk on the 26th March still happen and willl we be safe

Stephen Derham

My daughter told me that friends yesterday arrived in Barbados for a holiday and were denied entry due to covid19

G M Kazi

Very stressful situation with flights cancellations and corona virus effecting every place in the world.


Yes they definitely should cancel the flights And consider giving FULL refund to passengers like me who booked the ticket from USA-India on March 2nd and I have been calling them since last one week to get the tickets cancelled and they won’t do it without the penalty of $300 !! It’s a worldwide situation and I cannot risk to travel irrespective my departure or arrival countries fall in the categories of “corona “ , they need to understand it’s not countries it’s actually traveling impacting and spreading the virus ! I hope someone can help


Yes.. it is a problem but if it can help stop the spread of the virus then this is a rational decision.

Radha Mishra

I am going to fly from Johannesburg to Mumbai via Dubaion 4th of April.My flight was supposed to be scheduled on 10.30 as departure time.But today we have received a mail from Emirates that our flight is rescheduled at 13.40 in the noon and the transit period at Dubai which was supposed to be of 1.30 hrs is now 3.30 hrs.I am worried that is it safe to travel during that time???

Francis gouws

Fully paid to fly on 26 June from South Africa to Istanbul via Dubai.. Four people in our group..

Robert Pritchard

I was due to fly to Dubai on Saturday 21st March 20 with my family from Manchester.
I guess with all what is going on in the World and countries changing who can visit and who cannot it’s not a good time to fly.
I have heard that Dubai will have a border control in force by Tuesday with no visas allowed. Hey people are dying we can have another holiday hopefully in the future. I wish everyone well!!!

Nicholas Howe

Don’t expect any compassion from Emirates. Great to fly with but when there are problems they go for the money. They lost my bags for 5 weeks and l didn’t even get a t-shirt. They refused me boarding and made me pay a ticket change fee. I travelled with them many many times but never again.