Emirates Has Not Cancelled Its Airbus A330neo Order

Emirates undoubtedly stole the show at this year’s Dubai Airshow. The host carrier made two order announcements for both the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787. In the aftermath of this announcement, some have claimed that the A330neo order has been cancelled, however, Emirates has confirmed this is not the case.

Emirates, Airbus A330, Order
Emirates has not cancelled its Airbus A330neo order. Photo: Emirates

In February, Airbus announced the end of the A380 program. Simultaneously, while shrinking its Airbus A380 order, the airline announced a memorandum of understanding for 70 aircraft. 40 Airbus A330-900s and 30 Airbus A350-900s. At the Dubai Airshow, a firm order for 50 Airbus A350-900 aircraft was signed, however, no Airbus A330 order was signed.

Discussions ongoing

Discussions between Emirates and Airbus regarding the A330neo are still ongoing. At a round table discussion attended by Simple Flying, Sheikh Ahmed, Emirates’ CEO, told:


“The discussion is still going there. It is on our radar. I don’t want to say now I cancelled it or not. Because, you know, still we’re talking about it.”

Emirates, Airbus A330neo, Order
Emirates’ CEO Sheikh Ahmed says that discussions with Airbus are ongoing. Photo: Emirates

Of course, Sheikh Ahmed made these comments on the second of five days at the airshow, before the 787 order was announced on Wednesday. However, Simple Flying spoke with an Emirates representative today who confirmed:

The A330 orders are still part of the discussion, however as per Sheikh Ahmed’s comments, nothing has been firmed up yet.


When will we have an answer?

Beyond the comments from Sheikh Ahmed that discussions are ongoing, it is unclear exactly the progress of negotiations for the Airbus A330neo. While we know that discussions are still ongoing, these discussions will be occurring behind closed doors.

As a result, we don’t know if discussions are going well or not so well. Instead, just that they are going. In fact, we are unlikely to be able to gauge the progress of negotiations until either the order is confirmed or cancelled. Should it be confirmed, some details such as the priced paid for the aircraft will remain under wraps.

Previous Airbus A330 operator

Emirates is a previous operator of the Airbus A330. Before it’s fleet became solely the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, the airline had a fair fleet of the classic engine option A330.

Emirates, Airbus A330neo, Order
Emirates is no stranger to the Airbus A330. Photo via Pixabay

As opposed to introducing a whole new aircraft type such as the Airbus A350, or Boeing 787, Emirates will already have a feel how the A330 works in their operations. However, given the length of time that Emirates was negotiating the 787, it may be a while before we see movement on the A330neo.

Do you think Emirates should go ahead with its Airbus A330 order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Ahmed Ahzaam Mohamed

Nope! Cancel The Airbus A380 Order!


In view of Tim Clarke’s recent comments about the Trent-1000 on the 787, I would imagine that Emirates may want a little more certainty regarding the Trent-7000 on the A330 Neo before proceeding further with a firm order.
The recent EASA Airworthiness Directive probably raised a few eyebrows in that regard.
Personally, I’d love if Emirates ordered the A330 Neo, because the 2-4-2 seating arrangement is pure bliss 🙂


I sure wish Emirates would go ahead with its A380 order;)……and the A330neo order.


I think we have another (careless?) typo here…. the article is about the A330 order, then the question at the end references the A380. The A380 beyond what are already ordered are non starters, the program has been closed.

Niklas Andersson

What about the A380 Neo or A380 XLR. ?


If Airbus closes the production line, as it has already says it intends to, then there will not be any A390 Neo’s or A380 XLR’s. Emirates has been the driver of the A380. It has boxes & boxes of them where mot airlines have less than 20 & many just a handful. Emirates appears to have made the A380 work for them in a way that no other airline has managed.! Even British Airways, with it’s extremely slot-constrained home hub of Heathrow only has 12.!!! When Emirates chose to Not take-up it’s options on future A380’s, it killed the programme.… Read more »


Emirates should keep focus on having only two aircraft in there fleet, the new B777X and the A350 , as a long term strategy with two suppliers. That means cancel all A330 and 787 orders.


Alternatively: cancel the 777X and just fly A350s and A380s. The 777X is on life support.


A330neo have the same type ratings as A350. It also shares lots of commonality with A350 in terms of maintenance and engines type. So this would be the biggest seller for A330neo.

Unlike B787 and B777X.

Also, B787-10 are big and expensive compared to A330-900neo.


Does it make sense for Airbus to create an A330-900 Regional and get Emirates to be the launch customer for it? Seems like an A330 regional aircraft might be a good fit for them.


The A330 neo is a must. It’s an enhanced extension of the A330 classic which Emirates already operated. The aircraft can transport 250-300 passengers on routes between 6000-8000 miles while being more fuel efficient and quieter than it’s previous cousin. What’s wrong with that?