Emirates To Start Selling Parts From Its 1st Airbus A380 In Dubai

Emirates has revealed that it will start taking pre-orders for upcycled parts of its first Airbus A380 at the upcoming Dubai Airshow. Last week the airline announced that it would be scrapping the first Airbus A380 that it took delivery of, with plans to upcycle aircraft parts, alongside recycling other components.

Emirates, Airbus A380, For Sale
Emirates will show off its first batch of A380 upcycling products at the upcoming Dubai Airshow. Photos: Emirates

While a whole life awaits Emirates’ last two undelivered Airbus A380s, it is already the end of the road for some other jets in the airline’s fleet. One aircraft was already painted white and sent to a storage facility in France. Now, the airline is working on a new life for its first giant.

Dubai Airshow sales

The Dubai Airshow is now less than three days away and is somewhere that Emirates always has a strong presence. This year, it seems as though some pieces of Airbus A380 will follow it. The airline today revealed that the first pieces would go on sale at the Dubai Airshow.

Emirates, Airbus A380, For Sale
The pieces will be on display at stand 450B in the main Dubai Airshow hall. Photo: Dubai Airshow

Samples of the first batch of products will be on display at the airshow, at stand 450B. The parts created so far won’t be sold on-site, but pre-orders for parts will be taken at the airshow. Commenting on the offering, Fawaz Mohammed Ali, Founder and CEO of Wings Craft Furniture, who is creating the upcycled pieces, said,

“We are excited to showcase some of the unique items that we’ve crafted from Emirates’ retired A380 at this year’s Dubai Airshow. Our team will be onsite to discuss design options for customised items… We’re also in the process of restoring the iconic A380 onboard bar which will soon be released for sale via an online auction.”

Emirates To Start Selling Parts From Its 1st Airbus A380 In Dubai
Parts of the aircraft, including the bar, will be upcycled and sold. Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately, the Dubai Airshow is strictly an industry event, meaning that it won’t be possible for anybody to visit to pre-order a piece. While the airshow will provide a public viewing area for the flight displays, this doesn’t grant access to the event itself.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re not going

Despite this, those hoping to secure a piece of the first Airbus A380 to be delivered to the type’s most significant customer shouldn’t be disheartened. Emirates was clear that this is only the first batch of items, with additional opportunities planned for the future.

Emirates, Airbus A380, For Sale
The gold logo in first class will become a wall piece. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

So far, Emirates and its partners have only given us a taste of what to expect from the A380 upcycling collection. The airline shared three photos of pieces that have already been created, including a fuselage section with a window, a coffee table made from an A380 wheel, and a clock made from a wing fuel panel.

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The airline also touted some more exclusive items, from the first class Emirates logo in gold to the aircraft’s 24-meter tall tail and the famous bar from the aircraft’s rear. It is also possible to request that certain pieces of the jet be customized to meet specific requests.

Would you want to own a piece of Emirates’ first Airbus A380? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!