Emirates Announces Interline Agreement With Mexico’s Interjet

Emirates today announced a new interline agreement with Interjet of Mexico. The new deal will allow both airlines’ customers to travel to a number of new destinations without having to check in or transfer their baggage between flights.

An Emirates Airbus A380
Emirates passengers will now be able to travel seamlessly to a number of cities in Mexico. Photo: Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons

Emirates and Interjet have just announced a new interline agreement which will come as welcome news to customers looking to fly between Mexico, the Middle East and beyond.

According to reports by The Business Standard, the new interline agreement signed by the two airlines adds to a previous one-way agreement signed back in April.

Where the previous interline agreement only allowed Emirates customers to travel to Mexico City via US airports, the new agreement will work both ways.

Not only will Emirates passengers now be able to travel to 12 destinations in Mexico without having to check in or manually transfer their luggage. Interjet passengers will now be able to do the same when traveling to Emirates destinations in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Discussing the new deal, Emirates Chief Commercial Officer, Adnan Kazim, said,

“This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to Mexico for the long run, as we continue to look at ways to build our operations in the market to best serve our customers.”

Interjet on the up

The fact that Emirates has chosen Interjet as its partner for a Mexican interline agreement says a lot about the current situation in Mexico’s commercial aviation industry. Interjet is Mexico’s third-largest airline, sitting narrowly behind Aeroméxico and Volaris in terms of fleet size.

But Interjet is quickly catching up to its two slightly larger domestic competitors. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the whole of North America, and it looks like Emirates is well aware of this.

SSJ100 for Interjet
Interjet is growing fast. Photo: SuperJet International via Flickr

In the 10 months ending October 2019, Interjet recorded a 9% increase in passenger numbers to 12.4 million.

Perhaps even more importantly from Emirates’ perspective, Interjet’s international passenger traffic for October 2019 was 30.8% higher than the same month last year.

Meanwhile, Interjet’s domestic passenger traffic for October 2019 was 4.2% lower than October 2018.

There are clearly potential gains to be had by both airlines out of this interline agreement. Emirates has a chance to tap into Interjet’s strong international demand, while Interjet can make use of incoming Emirates passengers to increase its domestic passenger traffic.

Emirates’ disagreement with Aeroméxico

If you were to go off today’s news alone, you might think that Emirates’ standing in Mexico was rosy. But Emirates has actually been embroiled in a longstanding dispute with Mexico’s largest and most well-established airline, Aeroméxico.

Specifically, the two airlines have been battling for the right to operate flights between Mexico City and Barcelona, of all places.

Aeroméxico and Emirates have been locked in a dispute over flights between Mexico City and Barcelona. Photo: Eddie Maloney via Flickr

For many years Aeroméxico has had a monopoly on flights between Mexico City and Barcelona. But this monopoly was challenged when Emirates applied to operate fifth-freedom flights from Dubai to Mexico City via Barcelona.

Aeroméxico launched an appeal against Emirates’ application within the Mexican judicial system. But Emirates was given the go-ahead for flights to Mexico at the beginning of November and should begin operating the new route this week.

But unfortunately for Aeroméxico, the Mexican and UAE governments signed a bilateral air services agreement earlier this year which specifically granted Emirates the right to operate flights between Barcelona and Mexico City.

Despite the dispute with Aeroméxico, Emirates is making successful inroads into the Mexican market, as shown by today’s interline agreement with Interjet.