Video: Emirates Cabin Crew Recreate Famous Boarding Music At Home

The operations of Dubai-based Emirates have been drastically cut due to the spread of COVID-19. With the suspension of services, the carrier has also had to furlough some of its employees, or at least ask that they take unpaid leave. While the airline and its employees wait for travel restrictions to lift and services to resume, it’s having some fun – recording a ‘musical tribute’ of its famous boarding tune.

Video: Emirates Cabin Crew Recreate Famous Boarding Music At Home
Playing the violin, piano, or cello, Emirates cabin crew seem to have some fantastic hidden talents. Photo: Emirates

The video

The video was posted to Twitter earlier today and showed twelve cabin crew dressed in uniform, using various musical instruments to play the Emirates ‘boarding track’. From the flute to various stringed instruments, the video features each cabin crew member one by one:

About the music

Interestingly, a quick search for “Emirates Boarding Music” on YouTube will provide you with a decent list of samples of this particular track.

This led us to discover that the tune itself was composed by film and television composer Christian Saglie. Saglie’s website indicates that he has also written music featured in advertising for Emirates-affiliate, flyDubai. The History Channel, Burts Bees, and US Cellular have also featured his work.

This is how Saglie describes his Emirates piece:

The musical journey is based on a single theme, heard in the beginning, which is repeated and varied to create a signature branded sound.”

You can listen to the track in its entirety in the video below:

Creating a unique experience

It seems quite standard these days for airlines to have their own unique brand of music playing during boarding and disembarkation. This creates an additional layer of branding in addition to the uniforms, interior decor, and subtle scents that fill the cabin.

One of the few airlines still operating long-haul scheduled services is Qatar Airways. The Doha-based carrier’s boarding music could be considered just as iconic as Emirates. And then there’s Etihad, which really leans into its Middle Eastern identity through the use of its music.

For the last little while, KLM has been playing the song “Beyond” by Leon Bridges as the aircraft rolls towards the gate to offload its passengers. Does anyone recognize the tune below after landing in Amsterdam?


It’s interesting to consider that even music can be part of the full experience of flying on a commercial airline. Sadly it’s one of those things that many of us have had to go without for the past few months.

From having inflight meals delivered, to ordering furniture made out of old aircraft parts, there are many things we can do to fill that void caused by the inability to fly. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like the full experience at 35,000 feet – something we’ll just have to wait patiently for as this crisis moves through.

Have you ever noticed the music that airlines play during boarding and deplaning? Do you have a favorite, or perhaps one that gets under your skin? Let us know in the comments!