More Freighters: Emirates Orders A Couple Of Boeing 777Fs

Emirates today shared that it has placed an order for two Boeing 777 Freighters. Announcing the deal at the Dubai Airshow, the UAE-based carrier is looking to add to its fleet of 10 777Fs as global cargo demand continues to increase.

Emirates 777F
The Boeing 777 Freighter orders are valued at over $704 million at list prices. Photo: Emirates

Cargo dominance

It’s been a busy day for Boeing in the cargo field. This Emirates order follows on from the news that DHL ordered nine converted Boeing 767s.

The new 777 Freighters will help Emirates SkyCargo continue its dominance in the cargo space. Along with the 777F, the outfit also uses Emirates’ other passenger 777s to hold goods and supplies.

Emirates praises the 777F as being the most environmentally-friendly freighter in operation today. It also appreciates the plane’s wide deck cargo door that can accommodate oversized goods.

Emirates 777 Freighter
As Boeing’s best-selling cargo aircraft in the company’s history, the 777F reduces fuel use and carbon emissions by 17% compared to aged types. Photo: Emirates

Expanding capacity

The 777F has a range of 9,200 km (4,970 NM) and can transport a maximum revenue payload of 102,000 kg (22,4870 lbs). Therefore carriers can save time and money with fewer stops and landing fees on cross-continental missions.

“Emirates plays a key role in making essential goods available to customers and consumers globally through the capacity available on our widebody fleet, the reach of our global network and the advanced infrastructure at our Dubai hub,” shared Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and CEO, Emirates Airline and Group, in a company statement.

“Today, we are delighted to announce an investment of $1 billion to further expand our freighter capacity. This underscores our commitment to supporting our customers’ requirements, and reflects our confidence in our future growth and status as one of the largest airline cargo carriers in the world.”

Emirates 777s
Including freight models, Emirates holds 144 Boeing 777 units within its expansive fleet. Photo: Getty Images

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Numerous freight opportunities

There has been a significant boost in cargo demand in recent years, with e-commerce leading the way in this industry. As a result, both Boeing and Airbus are seeing surges in demand for new freighters. Airbus noted last week that express freight is set to grow by 4.7% annually. Meanwhile, general freight, which holds around 75% of the market, is set to grow by 2.7% per year.

With this progress in the cargo field, the market will require 2,400 freighters. Airbus notes that 880 of these aircraft will be new builds.

Airlines such as Emirates have been integral in the global vaccine delivery program over the last year. SkyCargo shared this summer that it was expanding its vaccine handling capabilities at its Dubai distribution hub, providing space for up to 90 million vaccine doses. As the global health crisis continues, the carrier’s aircraft will continue to transport critical supplies around the world.

What are your thoughts about this Emirates order for two Boeing 777 Freighters? Do you feel this is a good move for the airline? Let us know what you think of the overall move in the comment section.