Emirates Upgrades Boston Route With A380 Introduction

From June 1st to September 30th this year, Emirates will be flying an Airbus A380 on their Boston – Dubai route instead of a usual Boeing 777. Following British Airways, this will be the 2nd A380 to fly into Boston Logan International airport.

This a fantastic upgrade in not only capacity but product and service as well.

The route between Boston and Dubai wraps around the world.

What are they adding an A380?

Previously, Boston was served by two daily Emirates Boeing 777-300ER flights. However, back in 2017 they dropped the 2nd flight and never restored it. Obviously, they knew they needed more capacity on the route but not enough to justify another 777. Unfortunately, Emirates doesn’t have any smaller planes than a 777 and thus their only option would be to add an Airbus A380 (which is a middle ground between one and two 777s).

They recently tried an A380 on the route as a test last year.

The A380 has 14 first class seats, 76 business class seats, and 399 economy class seats. The Emirates 777-300ER has 8 first class seats, 42 business class seats, and 304 economy class seats.

This new plane will replace the current plane (777) operating the route.

Emirates 100th airbus A380
The carrier took delivery of their 100th Airbus A380 just over a year ago

What new features will an Emirates A380 provide?

As we said at the top of the article, it’s not just the additional capacity that an Emirates A380 can provide, but the perks onboard as well.

First class passengers will be able to take a shower inflight, with the two showers that are available at the head of the plane.

Business class seating will go from a 2-3-2 configuration to a much more private 1-2-1 configuration, with each seat having direct aisle access.

Additionally, this extra space means more room for common areas, such as an onboard bar for first and business class passengers (There is one for each class, but obviously first-class passengers can enjoy business as well).

The bars also have lounge seating for meetings, relaxing with other passengers or getting work done.

Economy has not been left out. With the extra width on board, the economy seats have been widened instead of adding an extra seat. On an Emirates 777, economy seats are 17 inches wide, but on the A380 they are 18 inches.

What do you think of this new plane on this route? Is it an improvement? Let us know in the comments.